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Wipe the hood-coated soft top roof (after rain)

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Convertible soft top

Porsche 911 CabrioletIs my first soft-top convertible.

Therefore, until now, there is no knowledge about the roof of this soft top, the so-called opening and closing part of the hood.

For the time being, I checked in the manual "What you should not do by opening and closing the convertible top", and it said "Don't open and close the roof in such a case" as follows:

  • When the temperature is 0 ° C or less
  • When one side of the vehicle is lifted by a curb, lift, jack, etc.
  • When part of the luggage or something else (such as the back of the rear seat) interferes with the operation of the convertible top
  • When the rollover bar is unfolding

And as yet another description

  • Only open the convertible top when it is dry and clean to prevent stains and fraying.

There was also something like that.

Therefore, at least "it does not open and close when the hood is wet" is properly protected.

Wipe the soft top when it gets wet

However, the first problem I had with the maintenance of this hood was, or the question I wondered was, "What should I do when the hood gets wet in the rain?"

There is no particular instruction in the manual that "If the hood gets wet, wipe it off."

As mentioned above, the only description about getting wet is that "Open when it's dry = Don't open it when it's wet".

Therefore, even if the hood gets wet, you probably don't have to wipe it.

Still ... I didn't want to keep the hood wet, so I always wipe it every time it gets wet in the rain.

Even if it's just a little drizzle and it gets wet, for example, on a rainy day when you get angry from 992, "It's a lot of rain, so switch to WET mode!"

By the way, this WET mode.

When I was running in another mode and was told "Because it's raining, switch to WET mode!", If you switch to WET mode, this display ↓ disappears ...

I thought, "I'm going to change to WET mode before I get angry today," and even when I was in WET mode myself before being told by 992, I was warned from 992 that "Caution, please adjust your driving." May be ↓

And this warning doesn't go away unless I switch WET mode to another mode and then switch back to WET mode ... Is there any other way?

Well, I'm sure my 992 is thinking, "I'll change to WET mode and give instructions before changing! Can you do anything?" (Laughs). I also like this kind of dialogue with 992 (No, I'm not talking ^^?).

For the time being, I'm wondering if I should change it after being told by 992, instead of switching to WET mode myself from the next time ^ ^

Moisture absorption by pressing with microfiber

Returning to the hood, when I run in the rain like "WET mode", I think "Well, it's impossible for me to leave it as it is". The hood gets wet ↓

By the way, this 992 soft top has a hood coating before delivery, but it still looks like this on a heavy rainy day.

For the time being, I can't leave it as it is, so when the hood gets wet in the rainThe usual yellow microfiberI try to wipe off the water droplets on the hood.

It depends on the rain conditions, but I wonder if I'm using a couple of them.

However, since it is coated with a hood, I think that it is definitely not good to rub it with "scrubbing", so it will take some time, but I put a beautiful microfiber on the hood and put it on top. Gently press gently to absorb the water.

Without slipping the towel on the hood, place the towel on the hood → lightly press it from above to absorb moisture → lift the towel and place it again in the next place → lightly press it… Repeat.

At first, I thought it would take a long time, but once I got used to it, I could do it efficiently, and now it's fun to gently press it with a towel from above to remove water.

Because, if you gently suck it up like this, the "sucked up part and the still part" will be separated like this ~ ^^ ↓

This is fun.

And the other day, I asked what to do when it gets wet with rain when the hood is coated, but it seems that it is okay to wipe it off (do not scrub).

From now on, whenever the hood gets wet in the rain, I think I will wipe it off like this every time.

Ah. I wrote the sound of wiping so much as "petopeto", but I put this microfiber on the hood and gently press it, but at that time when I release the towel again, it makes a little "petopeto". ..

Of course, when it dries, the hood is silky, and even when it's wet, it's silky to the touch. However, I wonder if this is the relationship between the microfiber fiber and the coating (or the material of the hood).

Even so, I don't feel like I've removed the coating at all, so I think it's okay (probably ~).

You might be asked, "Isn't it okay if I don't ride on a rainy day?", But that's not the case (I want to ride when I want to ride ... I can only live for a set amount of time in my life, so I give priority to what I want to do. ), I will continue to wipe it like this every time the hood gets wet in the rain ^ ^

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