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There is a high possibility that Porsche will appear again in the latest Top Gun work

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Top Gun: Maverick x Porsche

Starring Tom Cruise, which will finally be released simultaneously in Japan and the United States on May 27, 2022Top Gun Maverick..

It seems that Porsche will appear in this movie.

As you all know, the Porsche 356 Speedster appeared in the first Top Gun (1986) with a too cool feeling, so even if "new Porsche" appears in this work again I think it's strange.

992.1 Porsche GT3x Top Gun video has already been released

Furthermore, as of July 2021, this "top gun feeling" was adopted when Porsche made a video to promote Porsche 911 GT3 (992.1).

From this very moment, I think that many people expected "Oh, Porsche will come to Maverick, right?"

You can see the previous Top Gun x GT3 works here. It's really interesting ^^ → Tom Cruise top gun in GT3

Porsche and Top Gun. Together again.

And here, Porsche released a new video while saying "Porsche and Top Gun. Together again."

If the original video is released ahead of the movie's release date by saying "Porsche and Top Gun will do it together again", this will almost certainly not end with this video anymore. I think it's okay to think that Porsche will appear in the movie ^ ^

The video released this time includes images from Top Gun ...

In the meantime, Porsche appears in the meantime.

What is the Porsche that appears in Top Gun: Maverick?

Then, if Porsche appears in Top Gun: Maverick this time, which model will appear?

My expectation is that this time it is not the classic models such as the air-cooled model, but Porsche will be able to release a new model here.

However, the new Porsche 911 GT3 has already played with Top Gun a lot in the video last summer ...

In the concept car Mission R and the hybrid car LMDh vehicle that will come out in the future, it seems that it will be difficult to make it appear as a flow of the story considering the contents of the movie called Top Gun.

It seems possible if it is Mission Impossible, but ^^

Thinking about it, isn't this Taycan obediently? When.

In addition to the transition from the 356 Speedster to the present era, Taycan is the most easy-to-understand and futuristic commercial vehicle (= full electric vehicle).

Isn't it?

It would be quite surprising if it was a Macan or something like that here (laughs).

No, it's Targa

Finally, here is my favorite part of the video released this time.

Is Tom Cruise boarding a fighter plane and a canopy? It's a video of the part that closes the hatch on the cockpit ... but when you close it, it looks like ...


No, this is not Targa (laughs) ↓! !! I like the flow here (laughs).

It was a momentary event, but I said "No, that's Targa!" ^^

This is the video of Top Gun: Maverick x Porsche released this time (0:31 video) ↓

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