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Rebolt Pro Extreme glass coating, pretty amazing

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Porsche 911 car wash

Not long ago, I went to wash my beloved black carrera again.

Recently, I like a quiet car wash in the suburbs, and I often go there to wash when I drive.

The reason why I dare to go there is that there aren't any tremendous facilities there, but rather the facilities are old and I think it's okay because there is at least water.

But I like this simplicity because I want "place and water". And it feels good to wash outside, and it's good to be bright.

By the way, at this time as well, Carrera looked beautiful at first glance when viewed from a distance, but it was quite dirty when viewed from a close distance.

So, push the water with high pressure.

Even if you look at the nozzle, it looks a little old ^^?

My black carrera now is Mr. Ribolt Utsunomiya in October 2021.Rebolt Pro ExtremeI have you have a glass coating called.

Actually, it seems better to dissolve shampoo in water and wash it, but my lazy car wash is always only washing with water.

However, I am very satisfied with the previous glass coating and the current rebolt coating because it becomes shiny just by washing with water.

Wheels after washing the body. dirty….

Also, if you do it with high pressure water, it will be pretty clean at once because it is also coated with wheels.

But that's still a long way off, so againThe folding bucket I bought the other dayScrubbing with my wheel wash companion, Onijin Hand Jr.

I liked the demon hand Jr. too much and used it until it broke, so this time it's a new one ^^

Shiny ~.

I was so happy that I uploaded it to Instagram. If you have time, please add a sound and see it ^^

Very satisfied after washing all the wheels.

Finally, open the front and clean while wiping off the water etc. that has adhered to the resin part inside.

Also raise the rear and wipe off the water that has entered inside.

Clean while wiping the water that has entered the door sill part.

Also, change the cloth around the door (inside) and the dashboard, and wipe with water → dry.

Large, full, legs!

I feel like I'm always saying the same thing, but I'm really happy when I see the shiny black carrera after washing.

I'm sweaty and dirty (laughs).

There are always no scratches

So, this time, I washed the car and noticed it again.

That's about the part where the trunk of this front opens.

This was taken at another place at a later date, but no matter how carefully I open and close the trunk after I always had the glass coated, it will be around after a year ( I had a terrible hairline-like scratch on the part where the trunk opens).

It's an old photo, but it looks like this when it's terrible (I've adjusted the contrast so that the scratches can be seen, so it doesn't actually look so bad) ↓

understand? There are countless fine hairline-like scratches. why? !! I really don't remember this ...

But it is!

At Rebolt Pro Extreme, there was a video saying, "Even if you squeeze it at the corner of a lighter, it won't hurt." Is that exactly right? ?? It's been about 8 months since I got the coating, and I was completely relieved this time, so I didn't pay particular attention to the handling (this!).

This one! ↓

hey? ?? No scratches at all! I was impressed when I noticed this. "Eh ?? There are no scratches here? It's been 8 months ?!"

By the way, this is Ribolt's squeaky video:

It was a car wash that I was very impressed with the fact that there were no scratches that I had always had.

I was happy when I thought ... e?

Yeah, it's me that doesn't end like this. I wonder why.

Yes, after this, the black carrera became so dirty that I couldn't do anything about it, so it seems that I need to have Rebolt Utsunomiya maintain it again (laughs).

I wasn't hurt.

I will write about it later ^^

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