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What happened to 992? I can't stop laughing from the morning

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Spotify with Porsche 911

In my Porsche 911, I play music from my smartphone using Spotify via Bluetooth.

I sometimes listen to playlists I made myself, but most of the time I feel like I'm playing something like "Today's Hits (Western Music)" made by someone on Spotify.

I ran a little 992 cabriolet this morning, and at that time I was also playing Spotify's Today's Top Hits to Tekito. Yeah, I'm in a good mood.

So, this is Spotify, but if you look at it on your smartphone, for example, if it's Olivia Rodrigo's good 4 u surrounded by yellow, is it Olivia's CD jacket next to the song title? Images such as are displayed.

When I streamed this with a 992 connected via Bluetooth and checked the screen (PCM), yeah, the image of Mr. Olivia is displayed as in the case of a smartphone. It's easy to understand.

The reason why I took the trouble to explain this is because I had been done in 992 this morning.

That was when the song became Billie Eilish's NDA.

This is the Spotify screen on your smartphone. An image of Billie Eilish is displayed next to the NDA song title.

So, when I suddenly looked at this on the screen of 992, yeah, the song title is NDA and Billie Eilish. The song that is playing is also NDA properly.


Yeah? ?? ??

No, Mr. Yoshi, what are you doing there (laughs)? !!

Already, I saw this screen from the morning and laughed out loud in the car alone.

What! !! Whose fault is this? ??

Billie Eilish on Spotify. However, when I connect it to Bluetooth and let it flow, Ikuzo Yoshi is the only image in 992.

Is this still played by the 992 Cabriolet (laughs)? ?? ??

By the way, I have never included or played the complete collection of Ikuzo Yoshi's songs in this 992 car or on my Spotify (laughs).

Ah, it was fun. After all I love such 992 ^^ Because it's cute! !!

★ Addition ★ (2021.7.20)
I was curious and looked it up, and Ikuzo Yoshi also sang a song called "NDA". But Yoshi-san's NDA is "What! I heard that ... When I learned about it, I burst into laughter and it was a really great day (laughs).

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