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GT Silver Porsche 911 Dakar and Carrera T

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I met you in Dakar

Finally, on this day, I was able to place the long-awaited Porsche 911 Dakar and Carrera T side by side!

The best thing about this Dakar is the body color.my carrera tSame as GT Silver.

Because of that, I was eagerly waiting for this GT Silver to be delivered to the Dakar, so I would like to see it lined up even more.

The Dakar in this photo has a raised vehicle height, so it's natural, but it's quite expensive compared to the Carrera.

Even so, the owner seemed to think, ``Isn't it okay to raise it a little more?''

The car seemed larger overall, perhaps due to its high vehicle height.

I was very excited to be able to ride alongside the GT Silver Dakar, but on this day I also had the pleasure of riding a bright red air-cooled Porsche (993).

The grille badge is also nice.

Recently, I tooI tried wearing a grill badge for the first time.So I'm more interested than ever in the badges that other people are wearing.

Looking at the three cars from the 993 type side, the difference in size makes it seem like you could fit them inside like a matryoshka from Dakar to Carrera T to 993.

I don't have to say large, medium, or small, but I feel like I can make a matryoshka (I don't know, haha).

Differences between Dakar and Carrera T inside the rear hood

The Dakar has a distinctive rear that is completely different from the Carrera, so I took the opportunity to open the rear.


Until I took a look at it, I vaguely thought that there wasn't that much of a difference since you couldn't see the engine inside the rear hood and it was the same 992.1 model, but...there was a big difference.

Is it big?

I don't know, but it's a big difference for me.

This is what I bought. ↓

On the Carrera T, the liter number "3.0" is displayed in this yellow circle...

The same part was written as "911" in Dakar.

The Dakar is also supposed to be 3.0 liters, but the Dakar uses the "911" designation instead of the "3.0" designation.

This difference. Ununun. I also wanted it to say 911.

But why did you change it to 911 instead of 3.0? It feels special after all ^^?

It was fun to see the differences in even the smallest details.

A few years after I first encountered a Porsche (in the sense of driving one myself), I was finally able to realize the true beauty of Porsche's GT Silver.

When I saw the GT Silver on this day, I was once again impressed and moved, saying, ``Wow, it's so nice.''

There was a goat at Ashi Lake Skyline

Also, on this day, I had hoped to be able to sit in the passenger seat and experience the wonderful driving of a Dakar owner, but unfortunately it had rained in the morning, so the road surface was quite wet. There were a lot of things going on, so on this day we just talked and didn't push ourselves too hard.

But that also led to me discovering other things.

This is because we were meeting at a certain parking lot area of Lake Ashinoko Skyline.

This is the place where I always meet/take my car, and I thought it was just a place where there was a parking lot.

But on this day, I learned for the first time that this place was called Lake Ashi Skyline Rest House Lake View, and not only was there a lake house where you could eat and drink, but it was also a place where you could see Lake Ashi (lol).

Until now, I hadn't looked at anything other than cars. My field of vision is too narrow...

If you go further inside, you'll see a hut with "dog" written on it. There was a cry of "Meeeeeee".


After a while, a goat appeared from a hut with a dog written on it.

This time, I learned about this lake house by chatting instead of running, and I was able to eat there and meet the goats, which turned out to be a great experience for me.

Dakar is not a normal metropolitan area after all.

“Are you going to run to a place like this??”

It was a 911 that I would definitely want to drive in places like this←It's someone's car, so I'm saying whatever I want.

The car has only just been delivered, so it doesn't have roof racks etc., but it looks like they will be added in the future, so I'm really looking forward to seeing you next time ^^

It was a very fun morning as we lined up the Dakar, 993, and Carrera T, and listened to various stories.

Thank you ^^

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