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Why the Porsche 911 Dakar Wasn't a Porsche 911 Safari

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Reason why the model name Porsche Safari changed to Dakar

Porsche 911 Dakar unveiled last yearHowever, this model was rumored to be announced as "Porsche 911 Safari" at the stage before it was announced.

This is because it was said that the off-road 911 model that would be released from this Porsche was a tribute to the Porsche 911 that was active in the 1971 East African Safari Rally.

However, as of February 2022, rumors began to appear that the model name might be Dakar instead of Safari.

The source at that time is unknown. Maybe information from the usual "staff" who are good at it ^^

At this point, I feel like it was still treated like "Oh, isn't it Safari? Is it really Dakar?" April of the year.

The trigger was when German rally driver Walter Röhrl posted on his Instagram about the Porsche 911 off-road model scheduled to be released in 2023, he added the hashtag "#dakar Because I was wearing ".

Furthermore, the ``#dakar'' hashtag was deleted soon after that, so it became ``Oh, Mr. Walter, did you hurriedly delete it? Oh (laughs).

And as you all know, the off-road model that was finally announced was called Usawa Street's "Porsche 911 Dakar", but the reason why it was named Dakar instead of Safari was unknown.

The name Porsche 911 Safari could not be used due to copyright issues

However, it turned out that the name change from Safari to Dakar was related to copyright issues.

According to Porsche 911 Dakar director Thomas Krickelberg, who told the media this time, the first model name plan was still "Safari".

Development of the 911 Dakar began in 2012 (that long ago!) and the prototype being built at that time was called the 911 Vision Safari.

However, when we actually commercialized this model, we could not use the name Safari.

That's because India's Tata Motors has owned the Safari trademark, which it has used on its SUV Safari since 1998.

It seems that he also discussed with Tata if he could use the Safari name, but Porsche could not accept it, so Porsche decided to consider a different name, and as a result, the model name was "Dakar". it is.

It is named in honor of the Dakar Rally, also known as the Paris-Dakar Rally, and the winner of the 1984 Porsche.

Problems with using the name Dakar

That's why, although I was about to settle for the name Safari changed to Dakar, I couldn't use this "Dakar" without permission.

A lot of trouble.

Regarding the name Dakar, the Amaury Sports Organization, which manages the Dakar Rally, held the trademark right for the name Dakar used in automobile-related matters.

*Since Dakar is a place name, Amaury Sports Organization has obtained trademark rights only for "when using the name Dakar for car-related names."

In the end, it seems that it was settled with money, and it seems that Porsche got permission to use the Dakar name by paying a usage fee. And how much was that? (Amount/% not disclosed)

I think that the amount paid for Dakar's name usage fee is included in the main body price of Porsche 911 Dakar ... I think that those who become Dakar owners must insist on the name "Dakar Dakar". I think it's a waste (Huh? Don't you think? Is this too poor (laughs)?).

By the way, it is said that Porsche may release further off-road models in the future, but even if something is announced, the name will not be Dakar.

It seems that only the Porsche 911 Dakar announced this time has the name Dakar. After all, the name fee for Dakar was quite expensive, wasn't it?

The name of the next off-road model is not Dakar

If you follow what Porsche will register as a trademark in the future, it seems that it will be something like "Oh, this is off-road".

Next time Porsche puts out an off-road model, I feel like I'm going to get the trademark right from the beginning because of this issue.

Anyway, I think Dakar is also a very good name, so I'm glad that at least 2,500 Porsche 911 models named Dakar exist in this world ^ ^

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