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I was lonely, Porsche-san (tears)

Posted: August 25, 2018 Updated:

a little while ago,I tried to stop Porsche for the first time in a lock flap type hourly parking lotI wrote that.

There were some people who commented and sent messages to the article (Thank you ^^), but if you own a Porsche or a supercar, such an hourly parking lot is available as much as possible. It seemed like I was avoiding it, and even if it wasn't a flap type, when I parked in a public parking lot, I was willing to park my precious car wherever possible. Seemed to be sent.

Even with meter parking, I look for places where there are no cars in front or behind as much as possible (this is largely because it is easier to park (laughs)), but when parking in a public parking lot , I try to find a place where there are no cars on the left and right as much as possible.

But though. When the parking lot was unexpectedly empty, I wasn't lucky because there were no cars around, but I felt like I had never seen it before ...

This is one day. It was when I parked in a flat-laying hourly parking lot.

The car was parked for a while, but there were spots on the left and right where the car wasn't parked, so I stopped there for the time being and went out.

After a few hours, when I come back ...

Wow, there is no one around! !!

Really, there are no people, no cars, nothing. Only my Porsche there, alone.

Looking closer, it looks like this. Hmmm, there really isn't anyone! This is a parking lot in Tokyo in the 23rd ward, but this situation can happen.

I was leaving my child in the nursery, but it was late at night at work, and when I hurriedly picked him up, my child was the last one in the nursery and was waiting for my parents lonely. It's like the feeling I saw ... (Actually, I haven't had such a situation, but it's just such an image).

... Uh, no, but my Porsche isn't in the position of a "child" for me, so it's a little different, but hmm, but that kind of feeling, uh, confusing feelings (laughs) !! !! !!

When I came back to the parking lot, the scenery that jumped in front of me was my Porsche, who is standing alone in such a rattle parking lot.

Somehow, the figure looked so lonely, and I felt sorry for myself and ran up, saying, "I'm sorry I was alone in such a place."

It was really pitiful to be alone in a place like this (tears). I'm sorry! !! It made me want to do it. I miss the fact that I can't drive a car!

While writing, when I calmly looked back on what I wrote, I thought that my love for my precious cute Porsche was quite metamorphosis after all (laugh).

But I'm sure Porsche was relieved to see me back! ← Don't be disciplined (laughs)!

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