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992 meeting where only 992.1 Porsche 911 gathered

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Porsche 911 (992) Porsche Meeting

I was able to participate in a really great gathering.

This gathering was called "992 meeting", but the correct meaning is "Let's get together with the latest and best Porsche before the Type 992 minor change" ^^?

It was a two-hour gathering that started in the morning, but since I had something to do that day, I was only able to attend for the first 30 minutes.

When we arrived at the location, there were Porsche 911s lined up.

Of course, there have been several meetings in the past where many Porsches gathered, and there was also one where many Porsche 911s gathered.

But this time, there was something even more amazing about this gathering than ever before.

That's why this event was called the ``992 meeting.'' Yes, even among the same Porsche 911s, only the ``992 type'' gathered.

Furthermore, since 992.2 has not yet been announced, only "992.1" will inevitably come together among 992.

It was such a spectacular sight that I thought it was the first time in the world that so many 911s of one specific model, 992.1, had gathered together.

I wanted to be able to take my time to look at each car one by one, but if I only participated for the first 30 minutes, the time would have passed quickly just by chatting, so most of the time I would have to take my time. I couldn't do that.

Ah, it was such a wonderful opportunity, but it was a waste (tears).

My Carrera TChanging the crest to silverHowever, the all-black Porsche has been changed to a black crest, which is different from the silver one...

It's a 911 with a pepita pattern on the interior...

It was a 911 wrapped in a very stylish design...

Just looking at the few cars I was chatting with, I could see that each one had its own personality, and even though they were all 992s, they were all different, and they were both really cool. It was!

By the time I left this place, 22 911s had been assembled.

I forgot to take a photo of my car (too stupid), so here are 21 992s other than my car ↓

992.1 Porsche 911 Carrera, Carrera S, 4S, Cabriolet, T, GTS, Targa, Turbo, GT3... Even though it is the same 992, various models gathered.

The owners were introducing each car one by one, but I had to leave so I couldn't listen to much of it before saying goodbye.

If I have the next opportunity, I would like to hear from you all about the differences in options for each car, as well as the options that you are concerned about that are not available in your car. It's rare to find such a luxurious gathering ^^

A spectacular sight filled with only Porsche 992.1 cars

Now, after I left, everyone sorted their cars by color and parked them in neat lines, so I received a photo from one of the participants, so I'd like to post it here. I would like to have it. (So_911RS4Thank you for the photo I received from ^^)

Look at this beautiful arrangement. Impressive stuff.

Although there are slight differences between them, they are all 992.1 type, so the sense of unity when they are lined up is amazing.

It's such a beautiful sight that you'd think Porsche AG was photographed for a catalog.

I think it's really amazing that this 992 meeting was held at the request of individuals, rather than a manufacturer or dealer event.

It was a gathering of beautiful 911s that Porsche fans from all over the world should see.

Thank you to the organizers, including those who invited us, and to everyone who participated on this day, even though it was a short time ^^

It was such a fun time that I couldn't believe it was only for a little over 30 minutes in the morning, as I met some people for the first time and met them again.

It seems that the day when 992.2 will be delivered to Japan is still far away (lol), so I think it will be a long time before the 992 meeting can be a gathering of only 992.1.

I hope that we will have the opportunity to get together again in the meantime ^^

Ah, it's truly an amazing sight no matter how many times I see it.

The 992.1 type is now the "latest Porsche". It was a great opportunity to get together with 992 friends and 992s at this time of year.

Thank you very much!

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