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The heat scent of Porsche 911 (992.1)

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June 8th is Porsche Anniversary

Today, June 8, 2021The 73rd anniversary of the registration of the Porsche 356 Roadster chassis number "356-001"is. It was first registered on June 8, 1948.

Today, June 8th, I had something I really wanted to do. I was able to achieve what I wanted to do from the morning as a wish, so I am relieved today. I was pleased with Porsche's anniversary by myself ^ ^

Well, and thinking about what to write on this Porsche Anniversary blog, I came to the conclusion that I have to talk about the heat scent of my beloved Porsche 911.

Ah, at this point, if you think "Are you stupid?", I would appreciate it if you could gently close the site (laughs).

Where is the best to feel the heat scent of 992 type 911

Over the years, I've written that I love the heat scent of Porsche 911 (991.2).

For the 991.2 Carrera heat scent (like the so-called old-fashioned stove heat scent)

  • To some extent, it runs at 911
  • Stop the car (stop the engine)
  • After that, the scent of heat coming from the fans of this part of the rear ↓ is the best

It was, in me.

When I removed the rear tires of 911,I even put my head in the gap and checked the scent of heat.However, it was definitely better to enjoy it on this rear fan than to smell it from there!

Well, and here is about 992.

When I didn't own the 992 yet, the couple who were riding the 992 that I was with on the touring once told me that "the scent of heat is not good" (what kind of conversation) (Lol)).

I've been wondering about that for a long time, so of course one of the things I had just confirmed when my 992 was delivered was the scent of the heat of the 992.

But even though.

Certainly, as the couple said, there was no good scent from this part, 992! !! ↓

Rather than a scent problem, it seemed that the fan wasn't working after the engine stopped. Is it such a thing? ??

Even after driving a long distance on the highway, there is no sign that this fan is moving after the engine is stopped. The fan always works in 991.2.

Did the structure or movement change after 992? e? What if it's just broken? I was worried about writing (laughs).

But anyway, the problem of not having a good scent is that "the scent of heat does not come up directly because the fans are not moving". You can't expect this rear fan part anymore.

"Well, it's impossible to enjoy the scent of heat in 992 ...", but one day.

After I finished running and came back, when I was looking at "Oh, the 992's hips are cool", there was something that caught my eye. That is here.

Yes, it's a muffler! !! Tail pipe! !!

With a focus on interest, "Which one" and the scent of heat from here ... !! !! Oh oh. This is similar to the heat scent of 991.2 ~ ^^

That's right. I was able to feel the scent of heat with a very good feeling near this muffler (after running properly to some extent). I would like you to enjoy the tail pipe just barely.

But, I can't always enjoy this casually, and I can't really recommend it.

First of all, "danger".

If you get a nose, you may get burned. ?? I think that, and after all, it is quite difficult to bring my face here.

No, no matter how straight the metamorphosis road is, I pretend to be an ordinary person as much as possible in public, so I can't really scent it every time (a little reason left).

However, another question arises here.

Perhaps the direct scent from this muffler could be 991? When.

Of course I tried!

Around the tail pipe of 991.2 (after the engine is stopped), hmm, good! After all it had a nice scent of heat. Good ~.


The content is becoming unreasonable, so I'll stop it soon.

This is quite physically difficult and dangerous, but within the scope of your own responsibility (including the risk that you may think that you are a strange person from the surroundings), if you park the car after running firmly someday, you can enjoy the scent from the tail pipe. Please try it ^^

Congratulations on Porsche Anniversary ~. ← Forcibly summarized (laughs).

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