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Is Porsche Mission R connected to the future full electric car 718?

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Can Mission R actually be an EV718 Cayman?

The other day, when Porsche was told that it would announce a new concept car, thatPrediction of what the concept car will be announcedI think that "718 Cayman / Boxster of full electric car" was the most influential in the overseas media.

However, what was announced this time is "A fully electric vehicle for Porsche one-make races that Porsche customers can participate inIt was a concept car positioned as ".

However, it is.

What is being said here again is, "Well, but this Mission R is, isn't it the concept of the EV718 in the future?"

Ah, it's become a dubious blog again (laughs). I hope you can read it in less than half the story (just like this recently ^^).

Porsche mission x = future production car

Now, returning to the story, when the Taycan was announced, Porsche was positioned to announce a completely new model of a full electric car, but Porsche is currently focusing on "changing the existing model to EV. To go. "

alreadyAnnounced that Macan will also be fully EVIt has been.

And it is said that 718 Cayman and 718 Boxster will also be fully EV following that (Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said in 2019).

This time it came out thereMission R announced at IAA Mobility 2021..

When announced, it will be the GT racing car of the future full electric car, so to speak, it was announced as a model that will be the successor to the current Porsche 911 GT3 cup car ... ..

Porsche's mission car has the potential to become a future production car

Looking back on the past, Porsche first announced a concept car called "Mission E" in 2015.

The Mission E later debuted as a so-called generally sold production car that was not a race car called Porsche Taycan.

After that, a concept car called "Mission E Cross Turismo" was announced in 2018, and it was later produced as Taycan Cross Turismo.

In other words, for Porsche, the concept car "Mission xx" can be thought of as meaning a model that will become a production car that will be sold to the general public in the future.

Looking closely, it was also the comparison with the 718 model that the size feeling of the car was compared at the time of the announcement of this Mission R.

Actually comparing the current 718 Cayman and the mission R announced this time, it seems that there are quite similarities.

Isn't the rear quarter window quite similar? It is said that ...

In Germany and the United States, "Fried eggIt may indicate that Boxster can be a Boxster from the viewpoint that the boxster whose center is yellow and the headlight of 996 (911) is said to be a homage ...? What?

Oh yeah, and former Mr. 911 August Achleitner said in 2019The current 718 model will continue until 2023Is said.

And at the time of the announcement of Mission R this time, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume was said that "Mission R aims for production in 2024".

Is this a coincidence?

No, maybe in 2024, EV718 Cayman / Boxster based on this Mission R concept will be announced and production will start, and after that, a model for one-make race based on Mission R will be released. ….

What? fun!

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as "I have such an idea" ^ ^

Everything I write may be a lie (laughs).

Source:Porsche Mission R Concept Could Be a Future All-Electric 718 Road Car in Disguise

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