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Porsche announces full electric vehicle concept car "Mission R"

Posted: September 6, 2021 Updated:

Porsche's full electric race car Mission R

From the IAA mobility venue held in Munich, a new concept car was announced by Porsche on Monday, September 6, 2021 at 10 pm Japan time ^ ^

The video of the Mission R concept is 1:16 ↓

Since the teaser image of the red car and the silver car was issued in advanceI was wondering, "Are you two?"The punch line was one of two colors, red in the front and white (?) In the rear.

I'm sorry ... (laughs).

The announcement was a race car of a fully electric vehicle with cutting-edge technology that combines a sustainable material called Mission R and natural fiber reinforced plastic.

What is Porsche Mission R: Specs, etc.

The newly developed electric motor for Mission R boasts an output of 1,073 horsepower (800kW) in a mode called qualifying mode (that is, for race qualifying?), And the battery capacity is about 80kWh and it outputs during the sprint race. It is possible to fight without losing.

This Mission R is a race car concept for customers.

Until now, the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup has existed as a racing car that customers can participate in, but the Mission R is a new race car model that will be released to customers as a fully electric car version.

In other words, Porsche's one-make race will be held in the mission R (production car version) of the full electric car in the future ^ ^

The specifications of this Mission R are all-wheel drive full-electric vehicles, 0-90km in less than 2.5 seconds. The maximum speed is about 300 km / h.

On the race track, it will achieve the same lap time performance as the current Porsche 911 GT3 Cup.

And in this mission R, race mode, it outputs a constant output at 671 horsepower (500 kW), and it seems that so-called derating (reduction of battery output due to heat conditions) is eliminated.

Porsche turbo charging and 900 volt technology

An electric motor of up to 429 horsepower (320 kW) powers the front axle, and up to 653 horsepower (480 kW) powers the rear.

Since it uses 900 volt technology, by using the Porsche turbocharger, it is OK if the charging time required during the race is as long as 15 minutes.

It can be charged up to about 340kW.

At MissionR, Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA) with a drag reduction system (DRS) is being further developed in the nose section and rear wing.

Each of the two side air intakes in the nose section consists of three louvers and two adjustable rear wings.

Mission R also considers sustainability

Of course, Mission R is also considered for sustainability, and the body of Mission R here is mainly made of natural fiber reinforced plastic (NFRP), and the raw material is flax fiber.

This eco-friendly material is also used for front spoiler lips, diffusers, and side skirts, and NERP is often used for interiors such as interior door panels, rear bulkheads, and seats.

The interior design is driver-focused and the display between the ergonomically placed steering wheel and control panel shows relevant data during the race.

Images from the side mirror camera and rearview mirror camera are also displayed on the monitor above the steering column.

In the Mission R project, it is said that virtual races and real races are closer than ever, and the module of the thing cock driver with exactly the same shape also functions as an e-sports simulator.

It is a safety structure made of carbon fiber composite material, and the newly developed carbon roof structure is said to have been named "exoskeleton" ^ ^

Mission R is 4,326 mm long, a little shorter than the current 718 Cayman. However, the width of the car is as wide as 1,990 mm, and the height of the car is as low as 1,190 mm.

Porsche Mission R World Premiere on Live Stream

From here, I would like to leave the state of the World Premiere of Mission R held on September 6, 2021 ^ ^

It was scheduled to start at 22:00 Japan time, so we will start from the countdown again. 1 second left!

When it was time, the video switched to Munich.

The moderator of this world premiere is Ruth Hofmann.

When the screen changes, Porsche, which will be the world premiere from now on, will be in the foreground! !!

Ah. I'm curious! !! I was looking at it ^ ^

First of all, with Patrick Dempsey ...

The figure of Oliver Blume, the CEO of Porsche.

As mentioned above, this Mission R will be a one-make race car for customers in the future full electric car of the current Carrera Cup, so I started with the explanation of the 911 GT3 cup car.

At this point, it feels like "Oh race car came!"

And it is a video. Mission R!

Speaking of which, Taycan's concept is called Mission E, and I think this E is "electric", but I didn't explain this time, but maybe the R of this Mission R is Race? Isn't it? is?

Oh, it was written as an all-electric concept race car ^^

I will post the images of Mission R and others projected on the live broadcast ^ ^

Description of horsepower and top speed in qualify mode. * Why is it different from the figures announced later in the news release (mentioned above)?

The video of the development of Mission R was also shown.

Michael Mauer, who was involved in the development of design etc., also appeared here.

At the time of the test drive, it was done even in such a state.

That's why Timo Bernhard, who was also the actual test drive after this, also appeared.

It seems to have been quite exciting (Mission R).

Mission R is the concept of a racing vehicle for the future Porsche full electric car one-make race announced in such a way.

Taking the example of Mission E being produced as Taycan, it was said that "the concept must be connected to the production car", so this Mission R will appear as a production car in the future (2024 target?) I would like to look forward to it again ^ ^

This is the video at the time of the world premiere (26:20) ↓

ContinuedIs Porsche Mission R connected to the future full electric car 718?

Source:Porsche to present its future-driven Mission R concept study

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