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Road test of EV Macan started, combustion engine Macan announced later this year

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Next-generation Macan full electric vehicle will be released in 2023

Regarding the full electric car version of Porsche Macan, which is said to be officially announced in 2023, Porsche announced that "driving test has already started".

Until now, development, manufacturing and various tests and confirmations have been carried out on Porsche's premises, but in this announcement, "From now on, we will go outside Porsche's premises and start testing."

For Porsche, it is considered important to test not only the Macan but also all models in the actual driving environment, so from now on, this fully electric Macan will also be tested under various conditions.

The prototype driving test that will be started in the future will be conducted all over the real world while making use of the experience gained from the tremendous distance test driving that has already been done in the virtual world, and the test mileage is about 3 million. It seems that it will be as long as a kilo.

The number of kilometers I can't imagine at my level saying "I was so tired if I ran 600 kilometers yesterday" ^^

Digital development and testing

The digital development and testing that was done before the actual driving test not only saves time and cost, but is also sustainable, so the engineers first said that it was a "digital prototype" instead of the actual car. It is said that the test will be conducted using a virtual model in which the characteristics, system, power unit, etc. of the so-called vehicle are duplicated with high precision.

Digital prototypes are said to be made for 20 different development purposes, such as aerodynamics, energy management, operations and sound.

According to Porsche, by collating data from various departments, it is said that a perfect virtual vehicle will be created in as much detail as possible, thereby quickly re-identifying design inconsistencies that have not been discovered so far. Can be done.

Aerodynamics specialists were the first to test this digital prototype, and the project started about four years ago.

In the Macan of a full electric vehicle (hereinafter, EV Macan), it is important to minimize the aerodynamic resistance in order to extend the cruising range. A small amount of air resistance can make a big difference.

Currently, he is using simulation to make fine adjustments to details such as the cooling air duct. Oh yeah, in these simulations, not only the arrangement of various things is set, but also the actual temperature difference is reflected in the calculation.

Virtual testing with new display and operating system

Nowadays, new methods enable highly accurate simulations of both aerodynamics and thermodynamics, and aerodynamics experts say that the digital world is essential for EV Macan development.

Electric drive systems, from batteries to motors, require a completely independent cooling and temperature control concept (much different from traditional engine-equipped vehicles).

For example, in the case of a combustion engine, the target temperature range of the engine is 90 to 120 ° C, but in the case of electric motors and high-voltage batteries in EVs, the temperature range is 20 to 70 ° C depending on the component.

In particular, it seems that these are problems and it does not mean that something will be dangerous while driving normally, but it seems that it will affect when charging quickly in a very hot climate. Of course, Porsche developers have calculated various things accurately and optimized them in advance (well, otherwise scary ^ ^).

A virtual prototype with a new display and operating concept developed for the EV Macan can be combined with the real world at an early stage by reproducing the driver's environment using what is called a "seat box". There seems to be.

This is the seat box

This makes it possible to evaluate the display, operating procedures, and the effects of driving from the driver's point of view in the simulation.

By the way, it is said that not only professional experts but also non-experts will test drive here, so that all interactions between the driver and the car will be investigated in detail. It is said that it can be optimized most before the cockpit of a real car that is not virtual is created.

Certainly it may be important that professionals are not the only ones to test drive. The majority of people who will actually drive an EV Macan in the future are ordinary people (people who are neither professional drivers nor experts who have knowledge of cars). ^^

EV Macan development goal: to be the sportiest model in the segment

As we have seen, the first physically built EV Macan prototype is built on the data obtained from the simulation (either manually or using specialized tools).

And after that, changes will be made based on the virtual improvement process. At the same time, this time, the results of the actual road test are also reflected in the digital development.

Anyway, for Porsche, it is essential that the reliability of the vehicle structure, operational stability, hardware, software, and all other functions meet Porsche's high quality standards, and in order to confirm them, the actual It is said that testing under real-world conditions is essential.

Well, it should have been pre-tested and meet the criteria, but the 992's PCM startup is a bit slow ... (and I'll casually say here that it has nothing to do with it (laughs)).

EV Macan is equipped with 800 volt system

Returning to the story, the EV Macan test program will be conducted in extreme climatic conditions and terrain, and must meet strict standards in various areas such as charging and adjusting high voltage batteries.

The EV Macan will be a fully electric vehicle with an 800 volt architecture like the Taycan, and will provide Porsche's unique E performance. Its development goals include "long cruising range, high-performance quick charging, and reproducible best-in-class performance values."

There is also a new Macan with a combustion engineWhat

It is said that this EV Macan will be announced in 2023, so it seems that you may wonder, "Is the next-generation new Macan completely an electric car?", But no, I still think so. early!

Although the demand for electric vehicles is increasing in Europe, the pace of change is still uneven when looking at the world, so it seems that models of combustion engines will be released even in the next generation Macan ^ ^

The successor to the Macan equipped with an engine will be announced later this year

By the way, when the successor to the current Macan (gasoline engine) will be announced, it is "within 2021". That's this year ^^

The new combustion engine model Macan will be offered with the EV Macan in the future.

For the time being, I am looking forward to the Macan that will be announced later this year and the EV Macan that will be announced in 2023.

From now on, EV Macan will carry out millions of kilometers of tests in the real world and in the virtual world. Good luck, EV Macan!

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