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Lightweight glass of 992 type Carrera T

Posted date: September 12, 2023 Updated date:

Lightweight windshield glass

Lately, the glass of Porsche 911s, including the 992 Carrera T, has been prone to fogging up, in some cases.There are reports of tape and suction cup marks.I have been writing.

Along the way, someone suggested that this problem only occurred with the lightweight glass on the Carrera T and GT3, but I thought to myself, ``Isn't the windshield made of lightweight glass?'' ” was what I was thinking.

This is because the windshield of the 991 Carrera T was not made of lightweight glass, and lightweight glass was only available at the rear and rear sides.

This is the 991 type Carrera T catalog↓

According to this catalog, the 991 type Carrera T has "lightweight glass in the rear and rear side windows."

And when I was reading an overseas article about the recently announced Porsche 911 S/T, I read that the rear and rear side windows were made of lightweight glass, so I thought that was definitely the case.

However, when I looked at the list of standard equipment for the S/T, I was told that the windshield was also made of lightweight glass, and when I reviewed it myself, I found that to be true!

It was my mistake to take foreign articles at face value.

The lightweight glass of the Porsche 911 S/T is applied to the windshield, door glass, and rear glass. This is the English version of the S/T's standard equipment. Windscreen refers to the windshield. ↓

It was also written in Japanese ↓

So I checked the explanation of the standard equipment of the 992 Carrera T, and found that the Carrera T also has lightweight glass for the windshield, door glass, and rear glass, just like the S/T.

This is the same for the 992 GT3 (*Same for GTS models equipped with the lightweight package).

The models that adopted lightweight glass from the 992 type also had lightweight glass on the windshield.

First of all, I had a wrong understanding about the lightweight glass of the Carrera T, so I'm glad I was able to understand it correctly ^^

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