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Mr. Black Carrera who broke ...

Posted: November 9, 2020 Updated:

Porsche 911 Carrera (991.2), symptoms of brake release

Porsche's driving lesson on November 5, 2020When I participated in the Ruche Track Experience (PTE)In addition, my beloved Porsche 911 (991.2) base model Carrera broke.

This time I will write what happened.

It was just after PTE started. I felt something different when I stepped on the brakes, so I thought, "What? Something is different," and when I stopped the car, I applied the brakes and reconfirmed.

If you do so, you will normally step on it deeper than you think "you can only step on the brakes up to this point".

The brake. Feeling bottomless.

Immediately after seeing the instructor, it turned out that "this is strange", and the brakes seemed to be useless, so I moved the car so as not to bother other participants for the time being.

The instructors and staff did all the movement. It is a movement by hand.

The person who was moved was Sumikko in the large parking lot of Fuji Speedway.

What a lonely figure ...

From the position where the other participants' cars are, we asked them to move to this area and waited for the mechanic to come here.

I'm sorry, Carrera. It's kind of lonely.

Brake fluid is leaking ...

Even though I had no idea what happened, when I took a closer look, I found that some liquid was coming out of my car.

The mechanic has arrived.

I started checking various things at once.

It was the right front part that was spilling liquid and was obviously strange, so the right front tire was quickly removed.

At this point, the instructors also

"If the air bleeding valve of the brake caliper is just loose, it will be fixed soon if it is tightened properly, so it may be possible to revive it."

Or (I'm not very familiar with cars, so I'm sorry if it's a little different, but it's like that), something like "Maybe the mechanic can fix it quickly", the car will soon return to normal and PTE There was a little expectation that I could return to.

The liquid that pops out is brake fluid.

The mechanic checked and found out the cause, but at that time, this brake fluid came out more and more, but in the meantime, no warning was given.

The reason I immediately realized that something was wrong with the brakes was because someone said, "I always love Carrera," and that was a very nice word for me ^^

The parts broke

Well, and the cause of the problem, what happened is this part where the mechanic also says "I saw this for the first time" ↓

You can see the liquid leaking from here ...

It seems that the part that connects the brake line (hose?) To the brake caliper, and the part that is in contact with the brake caliper, is "broken".

Yes, the part that broke was inside.

I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with the mechanical aspects of cars at all, so can you understand from my explanation (laughs)?

He politely told me, "This part inside is broken because it is impossible."

I don't understand at all, but anyway, the mechanics, instructors, and Porsche Japan who saw it all said, "I have never seen this happen" and "I saw it for the first time." Was said, so I think it was a fairly rare case of breaking.

After that, I took it to the Porsche Center in Tokyo, and even after seeing it again, I was still told that I had never seen such a thing ...

This part (parts on the caliper side) ↓

It seems that it is unlikely that the parts inside the caliper will break, and Porsche Japan said that this case will be reported to Germany.

Later, the mechanic showed me the parts that "it was this part that was broken inside".

Why did it break ...

Anyway, I think it snapped when I last made a steady circular turn at PTE.

Then, I was asked "that? Brake strange?" And I was able to park immediately after that, so when I really think about it later, I can only think that this event is a combination of various miracles, and the result is I think it was good.

Since the brakes cannot be used, it seemed to be quite difficult to carry it with a loaded vehicle.

Some people came to take it down, and it was a move while stopping the car by hand.

After this, many other instructors also came and helped me ↓

Looking inside the car, the steering wheel has the words "Brake Fumuna!". Cute ^^

No, can't you say it's cute (laughs)?

However, I didn't know what was happening to my black Carrera anymore, and I was in a mode that was completely left to everyone.

When I looked inside the car, I finally got a warning because the brake fluid came out more and more when I was asked for various things to investigate the cause.

The warning that was issued was "Brake fluid level Please stop in a safe place".

I only thank Carrera

This time, anyway, what everyone who came to this place said was, "I was really fortunate to be unhappy."

This really really really seems to be the case, and if this "parts snapped" was during the free practice of the Fuji Speedway main course in the afternoon, it would probably be a little bit at the beginning for me with full adrenaline. I couldn't notice the change in the brakes that had begun to occur, so I completely believed in the Porsche 911 Carrera's brakes in the first corner of the FSW and put it in with the intention of fully braking ...

Maybe it didn't exist here right now.

I think today's blog was written by my husband and had a dark content, "When my wife participated in PTE yesterday ...". It ’s ominous! No, but I think it was possible enough.

Even if that is not the case, if this PTE is not in Group C, it may have started from the beginning with cornering or braking training with ABS, and if so, I'm sure at that time. Even if it was broken, it was probably that I, Mr. Kuro Carrera, or, if I was not good at it, other participants, cars, and instructors were injured in some way.

It was also a miracle that this time, in PTE's C group, the start was from a steady circular turn with almost no brakes.

I have no idea why the parts inside the brake caliper broke. It seems to be the part where it is usually said that this does not happen.


If this part of my black carrera was destined to break sooner or later ... this time, at this time, at this time, it broke for me. I think it was the most suitable and safest time.

It's hard to get up at high speeds to and from FSW, and it's hard to get up during other PTE training or while driving this course.The other day Porsche RallyEven if I woke up in the middle of the day, it would cause a great deal of trouble, and I think I didn't know what to do if this happened suddenly even in my normal life.

But this time

  • I didn't bother anyone (in that sense)
  • It was time to immediately notice the brake abnormality even in the PTE program.
  • There are many people who are familiar with Porsche around
  • Even Porsche mechanics were there to immediately investigate the cause and take the best measures.
  • You could arrange the loading vehicle etc. immediately (FSW → Tokyo is your own arrangement, but within FSW)

I think that there really wasn't a "time to break now" with more conditions.

It's really hard and really sad that my favorite, my favorite, my favorite black carrera broke, but this time I chose the best time for black carrera and it was the best. I think he chose a safe time and broke it.

The mechanic quickly investigated the cause, quickly moved it to the paddock with a loaded car, and even said that the paint would be damaged if the brake fluid remained on, so immediately flush it cleanly. Wash it ... I don't think there was a time when I said, "Now is the best time to break."

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the PTE operators, instructors, mechanics, and participants, but even so, by any chance this failure occurred in this course, something worse happened. If so, I'm sure that even the future survival of PTE in Japan might have been suspicious.

With that in mind, I thought it was really good that I didn't stop PTE or cause any inconvenience to Porsche in the future.

Even if you die, it's not just about dying, but if PTE is canceled for a while because of you, or if that happens, you're probably freaking out ... Oh, I can't die even if I die.

After leaving the PTE venue, I headed for the Porsche Center in Tokyo where Mr. Black Carrera was carried.

The figure of black carrera is there. With such pure eyes, I cried when I saw Carrera who was sadly stored.


I talked with my advisor in various ways and found that if I repaired it properly, it would be fixed without any problems, so I was relieved.

I don't know the cause of the break, so I'm scared, so I decided to replace all the parts of all four wheels, not just the broken right front part.


This time, the night when this happened and I came home.

Over time, I was able to think calmly in various ways, but when that happened, it became very painful, painful, and painful.

What was hard was that. First time for me

"I'm afraid to ride a Porsche"

I thought.

It was impossible for me. I trust Porsche 911 more than 100%, especially my black carrera, and I know that it is not good to overconfide, but my confidence in black carrera, trust is 100% or more, what is black carrera anymore? I felt like I could do anything.

That is, there is an unexpected failure suddenly, and that unexpected failure can be catastrophic depending on the place and timing of the occurrence ... Thinking so, "The next may happen again. I thought, "No," and I was afraid to ride a Porsche.

That was the hardest and saddest thing for me.

The fact that Mr. Kuro Carrera broke when I was alone that night (just because my husband had something to do) echoed in me more realistically. It was also sad, sad and really hard.

Now, he said, "It's definitely okay. Carrera protected Rika-chan," and I'm looking forward to the day when Black Carrera will come back to me.

I don't think that's the case when asked if my feelings are the same as before. But now, I'm looking forward to the day when Mr. Kuro Carrera will come back.

I thought I'd organize myself so that whatever happened at any time (laughs) ← No!

We would like to thank the PTE mechanics who helped us this time, the Porsche Center mechanics and instructors who came to PTE.

And thank you to everyone at the Porsche Center where Mr. Kuro Carrera is currently in stock.

Also, I hope you can run with Porsche 911 Carrera in a fun and scary way.

Continued (after that):Beloved Black Carrera Revival

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