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Summit Store Katsushika Ward Office Mae Store Parking Lot Inclination Measurement

Posted: August 13, 2019 Updated:

Listen to the radio in the car

This is the way back from where I was going to play in the direction of Hakone.

I usually listen to music in the car when I'm alone, but since it was a drive for the whole family on that day, I changed my mind a little and turned on the radio.

Radio while looking at the beautiful sea ...

When I write it, it may seem like another wonderful summer song was playing on the radio, but that expectation is greatly disappointed.


At this time, the "J-Wave" I was listening to was something wrong. What's wrong ... All the content being spoken is "Black Mont Blanc". And even if it becomes a commercial, all the products introduced are "Black Mont Blanc". Everything is already Black Montblanc ONLY.

What what? what happened? What if I thought. I was doing such an event broadcast on that day ↓

Isn't it amazing? ?? What! It was a great special program called a 9-hour live broadcast about Black Mont Blanc, sponsored by an ice cream called Black Mont Blanc (Takeshita Confectionery, which makes it).

It's a 9-hour live broadcast, and it's an ice special (laughs). amazing.

What is Black Mont Blanc?

This ice cream called Black Mont Blanc, an ice cream manufactured by a company called Takeshita Confectionery in Saga Prefecture, is so familiar to people in the Kyushu region that it is said to be a soul food from a young age (?). It seems that it is ice cream that Momo knows.

However, it seems that they are rarely sold in the metropolitan area, and in fact, I didn't even know.

Anyway, but when I was listening to the radio in the car, the content of the story was Black Mont Blanc. The word that appears in the middle of the program is Black Mont Blanc. Black Mont Blanc even if you enter the commercial.

Ah, my head is completely full of Black Mont Blanc. Brainwashing is complete (laughs). The whole family was brainwashed. The whole family mutters Black Mont Blanc as the secret word in the second word ^ ^

Find Black Mont Blanc in Tokyo


Now, I was specially saying on the radio that Black Mont Blanc is also on sale in the metropolitan area, so I suddenly thought about it that night and said, "I want to eat it, so I'm going to buy Black Mont Blanc!" ^ As soon as you think of it, Porsche.

Even though I went to buy it, I didn't know where to go, so when I first looked at the site, the following notation was found. ↓

For the time being, I was able to recognize only Life and Tokyu Store, so I tried calling some stores ... I didn't handle any of the stores I called. Don't give up here, even if you're shocked, "Yes, no!"! Then, with the help of Twitter, it is a search.

Looking at the information of the person who got the Black Mont Blanc in Tokyo ... I got the information that "it was sold at Don Quijote" and "it was sold at the summit store".

On the radio that day, I said that I was holding a Black Mont Blanc event in front of Oshiage Station, so I called the Summit Store in Katsushika Ward because it was near that ... I got a reply saying "In stock!" !!

Then, when I noticed, I was in Katsushika Ward. Double your ability to act for the purpose of Black Mont Blanc (laughs). … Ah, of course, this is also called a leisure person ^^

It seems that the Black Mont Blanc event was held at the Life Supermarket in front of Oshiage Station on that day, so I thought that if I went to that life, it would have been there from the beginning ... but the place was in front of the Sky Tree. I didn't think about it from the beginning because it seemed to be crowded and I didn't want to approach it.

Summit Store Katsushika Ward Office

so! !! This is the Summit Store Katsushika Ward Office. How, Kojima (BicCamera) was also included. Is there a BicCamera in the supermarket, or is there a supermarket in the BicCamera?

The inside of the store was quite large. I was looking for an ice cream shop ... there was!

It wasn't the 50th anniversary package that was on the radio (I heard that the ice cream has a lottery, but the version that is particular about the lottery), but it doesn't matter which one.

I bought it for my family and I'm in a good mood. Now, I got dry ice, but I have to go home before the ice melts in a hurry this hot summer in Japan. I will fly Porsche and carry ice cream.

I hurriedly tried to get out of the parking lot. The parking lot is on the 2nd floor, so I went up the slope, but this time I tried to go down there.

Oh, first of all, Cat's Eye. I understand? ↓

When I slowed down with Cat's Eye, a pretty slope was waiting for me. Oh, was it so steep when it came up?

Well, I can still go down normally, so I will go without problems.

Before the last curve, Cat's Eye again. Further slow down.

After passing the Cat's Eye and turning the last curve, you will finally see the exit. I thought it would be dangerous if I didn't go down slowly in this parking lot.

Do you understand? There is also Cat's Eye at the very end ↓

I was surprised when I was about to cross the last Cat's Eye. No, it's a pretty steep slope here! !! !!

At the very end, even with the Porsche 911 Carrera, if you run at normal speed, you will definitely go down! I feel like that.

Already, it was super, super, super slow here, and I was turning the steering wheel to the left and right.

Hmm, I managed to clear it without rubbing. Ah, it was good.

Summit store Katsushika Ward office store parking lot inclination measurement

Well, no, I managed to get down safely, but this steep slope. I'm a little worried.

I have come all the way to Katsushika Ward. This can only be measured. What? No, it's already decided, it's a slope, it's a slope! Oh, I'm a little happy after a long time (laughs).

This time, it is a composition that looks at the slope from below, but first of all, it is around the first place where you can think that "this area seems OK at all" ↓

The slope around here is about 10%, which is a level that is not a problem at all.

There is no problem at around 10% even if you go down from there and cross the Cat's Eye just before the curve.

This is a view of the front of the last curve from below ↓

so! !! The problem is here. Around Cat's Eye just before the last exit ↓

This is more inclined than it looks, when I actually run. As a result of measurement, the area in front of Cat's Eye just before the exit is ...

This area is ... ↓

Hmmm! Marked 16.4%, which is quite a slope. This is pretty amazing.

15% on the slope that says "Caution for steep slopes" at Costco MakuhariThat's how it was. Even that great slope was 15%, but here is the threatening slope of 16.4%! !!

After clearing the 16.4% slope in front of Cat's Eye, just before this last slope end ... ↓

The slope is 13.4%. This is also quite dangerous if you don't come out carefully. No, not only the slope but also the Cat's Eye is quite big, so it's scary in itself ...

No, it looked like such a trivial slope, but I was surprised when I actually ran it.

At the end of leaving the parking lot, just before the exit, "Oh, there are no people or cars on the road in front, so let's get out quickly at this timing!" I think.

No, it was a summit store in Katsushika Ward that I was fascinated by Black Mont Blanc, but at the last minute, I was fascinated by the slope slope of the parking lot exit there.

Ah, the heat of summer has revived the strange maniac part of me ... (laughs). It was sealed recently, but ^^

Even if the background is Kojima, it is cool, Porsche 911

I am grateful to Porsche 911 for dealing with such a strange owner every time.

picture? Are you dating? Isn't it Porsche's intention? Is that so! !! !! No, that shouldn't be the case ... Because, you see, Carrera looks like a smile after the tilt measurement is finished ^^ ↓

Anyway, even with the summit store / Kojima in the background, this coolness of Porsche 911 Carrera! !!

Ah, I was so cool and so nice that I was impressed in front of the summit store. Ah, it's really too nice.

What kind of blog was this (laughs)? Black Mont Blanc? Inclined? Cool 911 even before the summit?

Anyway is fine, but it was a fun day anyway ~ ^^

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