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Colorful Porsche 911 GTS limited edition to celebrate Porsche 30th anniversary in Thailand

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911 Carrera GTS 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition

In Thailand, the names of the days of the week are derived from the Sanskrit language, which is based on the names of the planets and the sun, and influenced by ancient Hindu astrology, each planet is protected by a deity with a "color". It is said that there is.

Therefore, for Thai people, the day of the week they were born is also very important.

I was also curious about the day of the week when I was born, and it was Thursday. Heh (unnecessary information (laughs)).

In the past, people often wore clothes that matched the colors of the gods for each day of the week. (It seems that there are fewer than before, but it seems that the color of the day of the week is still selected).

Such Porsche in Thailand celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Porsche in Thailand, Porsche has teamed up with Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur to launch a special edition that pays homage to Thailand's colorful culture for each day of the week.

Its name is "Porsche 911 Carrera GTS 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition". It will be the 30th anniversary model based on the Porsche 911 GTS.

First, the Porsche 911 GTS was painted by PTS (Paint to Sample) in the colors of each day of the week.

The colors for each day of the week and the Porsche PTS colors used to represent them are:

  • Monday(yellow) → signal yellow /Signalyellow
  • Tuesday(pink)→Rubystar
  • Wednesday(green)→Signal green
  • Thursday(orange) → Pastel orange
  • Friday(blue) → Riviera blue
  • Saturday(purple)→Ultraviolet
  • Sunday(red)→Firered

I would like to see them one by one.

Monday (Yellow): Signal Yellow

Tuesday (Pink): Ruby Star

Wednesday (green): Signal green

Thursday (orange): Pastel orange

Friday (blue): Riviera blue

Saturday (Purple): Ultraviolet

Sunday (Red): Firered

If you think about this normally, even if you don't dare to make it a PTS

  • yellow→ racing yellow
  • pink→ Ruby Star Neo
  • green→ python green
  • blue→ Shark Blue
  • red→ Guards Red

Wouldn't it be nice to have a color that can be selected normally in GTS? I can think of it, but I think that the fact that they are all PTS colors is a commitment to a limited edition car.

This Porsche Thailand 30 Years Commemorative Edition GTS has special specifications other than body color.

  • The 20/21-inch Turbo S center-lock wheels, which are standard on the GTS, are finished in two colors: black and body color.
  • Sport Design front apron, front intakes, side window sills, rear apron inlays, rear lid inlays and side mirrors all finished in black high-gloss contrast.
  • B-pillar with "30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition" plate
  • Of the rear slats (vertical lines on the rear), the five on the driver's side are painted red, white, and blue to match the colors of the Thai flag.
  • The logo attached to the rear is simply "911" only
  • The interior trim on the passenger seat and center console is the same color as the body.
  • Black corduroy seat inlays, pebble gray seat piping and contrast stitching create elegant highlights throughout the premium black leather interior
  • Anniversary logo stitching on headrest
  • Anniversary logos on passenger console, armrests and door sills
  • Pebble gray cross-stitching adds a special touch to the upper dashboard, door panels and rear side trim

Inspiration car celebrating the 30th anniversary of Porsche Thailand

At the same time as the Porsche Thailand 30 Years limited cars mentioned above, one inspiration car was also announced.

The GTS is finished in seven colors that incorporate the colors of all the days of the week.

Hand-painted by the Porsche Exclusive Manufacturer.

As expected, it is quite flashy when all seven colors are used.

But let me tell you, a while ago911 selling (distributing) ice cream at PorscheBecause it feels a bit similar, I thought that I had a sense of déjà vu ^ ^

Here is the Porsche ice car ↓

About Porsche Asia Pacific

By the way, Porsche in Thailand, which celebrated its 30th anniversary this time, is currently under the jurisdiction of Porsche Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Dr. Ing. hc F. Porsche AG.

Porsche Asia Pacific started operations on October 1, 2001 and is now headquartered in Singapore, managing Porsche businesses in 13 countries.

The 13 countries as of March 2023 are:

  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • French Polynesia
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • mongolia
  • New Caledonia
  • new Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • sea bream
  • Vietnam

Source:(Official) Dreams in Colors

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