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About Me

I would like to briefly introduce myself. My name is Rika. I don't want to write that I'm a married woman and a decent aunt, but it's a fact, so I can't help it ^ ^

I wrote it, but I've never really cared about age. If every day is happy, then everything is OK.

I'm a pretty optimist and I'm basically happy every day. This is really thankful and happy. Thanks.

At the time of test drive of McLaren 570S Spider (for some reason, the steering wheel is held strangely. Tension ^ ^?)

I spent my time abroad in high school and university, so I got my driver's license when I was 16 years old. I started driving for the first time when I was 16 years old (I drive to school by myself in high school).

* Since I have lived abroad for a period of time other than when I was a student, I spent about a quarter of my life abroad ... so I'm a solid Japanese person, but I'm sorry if the words and phrases I use occasionally are strange ^^

I learned manual driving when I was a student abroad, and after that I had been driving a manual car for about 5 years, so I was able to drive manually, but in Japan, only automatic cars are still the only cars I can drive myself. I have never owned it.

★ Addition ★
in late 2022Left MT of Porsche 718 Boxster GTS, and in July 2023Porsche 911 Carrera T Left MTcame, so finally my dream Porsche left MT became my favorite car in Japan ^ ^

My married husband also loves cars so much that he and his husband are still excited when it comes to cars.

I have three children. Therefore, since the family car must accommodate 5 people, the choices are limited, so choosing this family car is always the most troublesome place.

Currently owned car:


The cars I have owned since I started this blog are:

Lives in Tokyo. I'm not good at driving in the city, so I only want to drive a small car, especially in Tokyo, where I basically only make round trips to destinations I'm used to and know.

Until I met Porsche, I was afraid that I could not run on the Metropolitan Expressway, but now I can run as if it was a lie ^ ^

Even so, I never go to the Metropolitan Expressway just for the purpose of running. Also, I almost never go to PA because I don't have anything to do.

It's difficult for me to drive a large car (especially a car with a long front), so when I'm considering buying a supercar or a larger car, I basically leave it to my husband to drive. It's a premise. I always wish I could drive better, but it's quite difficult.

But I'm happy if I can drive Porsche 911 ^ ^

I have more opportunities to show and ride a lot of wonderful cars, so I started this blog because I wanted to sympathize with people who can sympathize with such things purely as "cool!".

In my personal life, I don't talk much about "I'm riding this," "I bought this," or "I was allowed to ride this."

For that reason, this blog is a place to secretly (?) Shout out the love for Porsche that overflows every day, "I love Porsche!" In me ^ ^

I happened to be taken a picture of me running around the city with a black carrera ^^

I don't know much about the detailed technology and detailed specs of cars, so when I look at the car and write what I think, I may say something stupid.

At that time, I would be happy if you could warmly say, "I guess that's what amateurs thought" (laughs).

By the way ... If you look at the blog, you might be told "I know that!", But anyway, it's metamorphosis ... I love Porsche 911, I love it, I love it ^ ^

I love Porsche! !!

Addendum 9 (9.14, 2023)
I can now drift 3 laps in my beloved black Carrera ^^
Steady circular drift in Porsche 911, finally able to do 3 laps ~

Addendum 8 (6.15 2023):
finally! I was able to fulfill my dream of drifting around in my beloved black Carrera. I feel that I have finally come to an understanding with the Black Carrera. happy! !
Finally achieved the goal! I was able to do one lap of the drift with the Porsche 911 (crying)

Addendum 7 (2021.12.15):
For the first time in my life, I did free practice and lap time measurement on the circuit. The first circuit free practice for me is the Fuji Speedway main course. And the first FSW lap time was the base model Carrera (991.2, PDK without sports chrono, YOKOHAMA Advan sports tire)2'06.918"was.
PTX 2021: Porsche Truck Experience [Master] Circuit driving

Since it is a dashcam video, the start video from the first corner ...

Addendum 6 (2021.10.6):
The Lamborghini Huracán STO is now fully open on the Fuji Speedway (sports-led driving). It's too fun ~. Experience 277km / h on a straight.
Run the Fuji Speedway with the Lamborghini Huracán STO!

Addendum 5 (2021.3.17):
I was able to drift with the Porsche 911 Carrera, though only a little. Impressed! !!
First time in my life! I was able to drift with Porsche 911 ~ @ Sunako Juku FSW

Addendum 4 (November 23, 2019):
Ah. At Porsche the Rally Amazing Moment 2019, I even remembered the fun of driving on the winding road with Porsche 911. Mazui, Mazui. It's too fun! !!
"2019 Porsche Rally": Part 9 Sea breeze bench-Toi Gold Mine ... Winding with Porsche 911!

Addendum 3 (2019.6.15):
finally! By participating in the Porsche Truck Experience Precision Program, I ran the Fuji Speedway main course with Porsche 911 Carrera at a moderate speed rather than a parade run, although it was a leading run. It was the best! It's so much fun to drive on the circuit ... I'm impressed! !!
PTE: Porsche Truck Experience [Precision] Circuit driving

Addendum 2 (2019.1.19):
I was hesitant to even run on the Metropolitan Expressway, but I came to the point where I slipped Porsche 911 at the Gymkhana field of Tsukuba Circuit ^ ^
Participated in Sunako Juku for the first time. Finally ... Tsukuba Circuit Gym Kana field debut ^^!

Addendum 1: (2018.6.22)
The fun of driving a car has changed again, and I can now enjoy riding at high speeds ...

Ferrari California T

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