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BMW: BM W ◆ My BMW M3 (2021)

BMW new M3 delivered

Posted: June 21, 2021 Updated:

Our new 5-seater car

As you can see from the title, the 5-seater family car that replaces our BMW 650i Grand Coupe is BMW's new M3 ^^!

It was delivered on Sunday, June 20, 2021.

Here is ↓

At the same time that the M3 was delivered, we said goodbye to the BMW 650i Grand Coupe.

I'm just grateful for the car that has been entertaining for my husband's daily commute and when the whole family goes out.

Thank you for the 650i Grand Coupe. It was a very very good car.

BMW 650i Grand Coupe

this time,When I first talked to a BMW sales personActually, at first, it was a story of "I will replace it with the 850i Grand Coupe".

On the way back from my first visit to Abe BMW, I was returning with the momentum of saying, "I'll think about it once more tonight and sign a contract tomorrow."

BMW M3 Competition (G80)

However, when I got home and thought about it again, I realized that it wasn't the 850i (I think it's different over and over again, so I think it was different for my home this time. (^^), Then suddenly I came up with "M3".

My husband has always had a feeling for M3.

My husband said that he wanted to ride M3 someday when he was a student, but due to various things such as getting married and having children, after all, he never got on M3. I was doing it.

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On the way, I went to see the M5 as a car that my family could ride several times, but the M5 at that time did not affect my home, and in the end it had nothing to do with the M car and I have reached the present.

However, just now that this new M3 has come out, the back seats of the M3 are easier to line up than the 850i when actually sitting, and basically it is my husband's daily commuter car, so I can run Maybe it looks fun? In a hurry, I came up as a candidate.

From the sales person's point of view, I was wondering if I would definitely get a message saying "I will buy the 850i", but the message I got from my house was "I will buy the M3".

I'm sure I was surprised (laughs).

Speaking of the new M3, this enlarged kidney grille is characteristic. Hmm. After all it is big (laughs). I'm already snorting! It seems to come out.

However, this is also a design (functionality) that I thought BMW was good for, and since my M3 this time is black, this big grill is also relatively inconspicuous.

It's pretty cool and nice. Adorable, amiable ^^

It was a miracle to meet this M3.

Because, I thought about ordering from 1 with the specifications that I like, but now there are restrictions on various options due to problems such as semiconductor shortage, and due to that, the delivery date is significantly delayed. It happens at each manufacturer.

If this is a Porsche order, there are too many types of options, so there is a strong desire to "make it my own specification", so even if the delivery date is extended, I think that I will order from 1 Fortunately (in my case) BMW doesn't have that many options.

Therefore, to some extent, it was decided that "it would be nice if there were such specifications", so I asked him to look for such an M3 in Japan.

And then!

How. The M3 that Abe BMW had ordered is exactly "on the ship that is heading to Japan right now."

"Well, then I'll get it!", And it was decided in a blink of an eye ^^

I didn't want to wait for months without knowing when the car would be delivered from now on, but the M3, which seems to be "Oh, that's an option, that's perfect", just got on board and went to Japan. I'm heading.

a few days,I was able to think about the ship on which the M3 is mounted.I enjoyed it ^^

It took a little over a month from when I asked Abe BMW Shinagawa to inspect the 650i, to when I suddenly replaced the car.

When it's decided, it's easy to decide.

I've been worried for several years now, but I couldn't decide!

BMW 650i Gran Coupe trunk mat can be used for M3

By the way, what was interesting was the trunk mat laid on the trunk, but could the one used in my 650i be transferred to the M3? So, when I got the transition, it was almost perfect. great.

This is the trunk of the 650i after removing the mat ↓

And here is the trunk of M3 with the transferred mat ↓.

The mat was a little longer in the back, so maybe the sales person is about 3 cm? It fits perfectly (laughs).

Well, it's almost invisible, so it's free and the perfect trunk mat transition is complete! !!

Comtec ZERO 709LV

I had just put the latest radar on the 650i a while ago, but this time there was a new one, so I bought it again and put it in.

The new M3 started with a mileage of 21km when it was delivered.

From now on, I would like to enjoy driving occasionally.

Winning the desired number

Ah! Oh yeah, another miracle of this BMW M3 is how. If you are a sales person of Abe BMW, please guess the desired number of my home before delivery.

Hope number that is always prepared to wait for several monthsHowever, he won the "second win". this is,Winning the Porsche 911 GT3 for the third timeA feat that surpasses. It's amazing. It's too miraculous.

So, from the time the car was delivered, the desired number was also attached, and it became a car that I wondered if it was the M3 that really came to my house to come to my house.

It's urgent, but until the report ^^!

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