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I have tried the McLaren 570S Spider! This I am!

Posted: March 23, 2018 Updated:

I am considering purchasing McLaren. Finally that! I got on a McLaren! !! It's justNot only did I get on the train, but I also drove! HoweverI was scared to drive except for small cars, but no wayI dreamed that the day would come when I would drive my own McLaren.Could not….

On this day, my husband was supposed to test drive McLarenSo, after my husband ran, I also had a lot of trouble, so the dealer's drivingI'd like to get him in the passenger seat and go around that area for a while.I was there.

However, the engine can be started,There is a super cool McLaren in front of me that seems to start running at any momentSo, first of all, I thought I'd let you sit in the driver's seat once,I was allowed to sit in the driver's seat.

But! When I sat down, I really thought (even when I put it in the showroom before)(That's right), the front is very easy to see and the view is open, and the seatFeelin that seems to be able to drive comfortably without raising the sitting height so muchThere was a

The view was so good that mysteriously when I sat in the driver's seat, I said, "This kind of car, luck.I can't turn! The fear of "Oh," disappeared.This may be cool. " so,I tried to drive it for a whileIt was time to move on.

First brake from my husband (from Porsche I'm riding now)I heard that it wouldn't work unless I stepped on it.Go about 5 meters and stop, get a feel for it, and then runI started to do it. This is what my husband took when I drove and started running ↓! At the start of the first McLaren suddenly, it was a super hero driving (laugh), but every time I watch this video, I remember the joy of this time and am excited! !!

Unlike my husband who ran at high speed, I really am Aoyama,I just went around Akasaka, butIt was a really fun ride! Luck such a supercar by yourselfBeing able to turn is really like a dream, but it's reallyI think I was able to drive more naturally.

Being a car with 570 horsepower, having a left-hand drive, a car that can run really naturally without feeling such a thingdid. Of course, if you step on it, you will surely see the original appearance of this amazing carI wonder if I was scared so I could only drive soonI think it wasn't a big deal even if I could put out Max (laughs).

I'm really sorry for McLaren, it's a strange noEven though I was driving Ronoro, I was taken a picture by people who went around the city.. Ferrari and Porsche who passed each other on the wayIt was also seen quite firmly by the Cayman driver.In that respect, even the "appearance" in people's hearts tickles a lot.(Laughs) I think it's the most satisfying car.

Certainly, the brakes are stepped on halfway once, and then again.It feels like it will stop firmly when you step on it. However, one of themThe car adjusts the rotation of the shift when stepping halfway (BuriBecause of the wrapping) relationship, there is a great sound once, "Boon!". This isIt feels good, and every time I stop, it's boon! Because I'm MacIt is no exaggeration to say that this is my favorite point in Laren.…. Do you like strange things? But this is really the best.

After all, it's best to have a wide view, and it's easy to drive.It was easy to drive, which I couldn't think of as a doship. So easy to driveI wonder if it's okay to have a supercar.

The steering of Alcantara was also great. It's thick and feels good, and I've touched the steering wheel of various cars, and it was my favorite feeling. I want this handle! I want to port it to Porsche ^ ^

We're really worried about 4-seater and 2-seater so far, soI couldn't make a prompt decision, but if I had to buy only 2 seats from the beginningIf you were looking for a car on the premise of "I", I tried this test driveI was seriously deciding to "buy McLaren!"I think. In fact, after I got off the test drive"This, this," to the husband who was waiting in the dealerIf you only need 2 seats, it's a quick decision! buy! "I ran up while saying that (laughs)!

So nice, easy to drive, cool, nice car, dreamIt was a car that made me spend such time. No ~As a result of the test drive, there is only one word that comes out in me ... "I want it "... (laughs).

The biggest difficulty in my home today is that it is a two-seater,Whatever happens in the future,I thought McLaren would definitely want to own a car in the near future!!

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