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Porsche Taycan appearing in Tokyo Marathon 2024

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Taycan to be the lead car for the Tokyo Marathon to be held on Sunday, March 3, 2024

The other day, it was announced that Porsche's Taycan would be the lead car for the 2024 Tokyo Marathon, and I was delighted. → Porsche Taycan appears at Tokyo Marathon 2024

The Tokyo Marathon date is finally approaching, and we have also received information about traffic restrictions on the day of the Tokyo Marathon. These will be mailed to people in areas near the Tokyo Marathon course.

Inside is information about traffic regulations for the entire Tokyo Marathon course, and another page contains information about traffic regulations specific to the ward where you live.

Lately, even when running in Tokyo, you can see notices posted everywhere about traffic regulations on Tokyo Marathon days.

My living area overlaps with the marathon course, so I see traffic control signs everywhere.

Now, the design of the Taycan, which will be the lead car for the Tokyo Marathon 2024, has been announced!

Here is it.

It is said to be wrapped, and the side of the Taycan has "DRIVEN BY DREAMS" and the PORSCHE logo.

This Driven By Dreams is also the philosophy of the Porsche brand, which started last year, using athletes as an analogy to praise those who are taking on the challenge of pursuing their dreams, and they are praising and supporting the athletes who will run this marathon. It seems to make sense.

In addition to the lead car, there will also be a Taycan with the name ``Chief Referee'' written on it.

I thought it would be cool to have a more flashy wrapping, but I guess there's probably a simple rule that says ``lead'' and ``umpire'' must be clearly understood at a glance. .

Taycan test drive campaign

To commemorate the Taycan's debut as an official car at the Tokyo Marathon, Porsche has launched an additional campaign.

A lottery will be drawn from those who apply to win a Taycan test drive and a place to participate in the Sydney Marathon 2024 to be held in September (2 people each).

If you are interested, click here →Taycan test drive campaign application site

The application deadline is 15:00 on Monday, March 4, 2024. Applications can also be made at the Porsche booth at Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2024, which will be held from February 29, 2024. The venue is Tokyo Big Sight South Exhibition Building, and admission is free.

By the way, the Tokyo Marathon-spec Taycan will be unveiled for the first time at the Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2024. →Click here for the Tokyo Marathon EXPO 2024 site

Tokyo Marathon start time is 9:10am

That's right, the marathon start time for Tokyo Marathon 2024 is 9:10! ! It would have been 9:11 if they had delayed it one more minute! !

...Well, it makes no sense for the Tokyo Marathon to set it to 9:11, so it's natural that they wouldn't do that, but it's frustrating when the difference is just one minute (lol).

Even if it started at 9:11, the lead car would be Taycan, so Porsche would probably say, "No, it doesn't have to be 9:11" ^^

Unfortunately, on the day of the Tokyo Marathon, I had some business to attend to in the morning, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to see the Taycan running right in front of me, but I hope I happen to come across it before or after I leave. That's nice.

I'm looking forward to that day. If you can run, please do your best ^^

Source:(Official) Porsche Taycan, which will lead the Tokyo Marathon 2024, releases wrapping visual

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