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Take a look at the interior and interior details of Porsche Taycan

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Details around the Porsche Taycan dashboard

World premiere on September 4, 2019In front ofVarious information is coming out at oncePorsche's electric car Taycan.

This time, a photo of the interior has been released ~. Details have already been announced on many sites, so please check the car-specialized site for more details.

This time, I was curious about the details from the officially released images, the information from the press release (the source is at the end of the page), and again. I would like to look at the points in various ways ^^

It is said that the Taycan's cockpit is clearly driver-centered, it has a clean, minimalist, ultra-modern design, and the control operability is also good.

Where is the car cowl?

Well, suddenly. In this Taycan, it was written that "the cowl was omitted" ("A cowl has been omitted").

I'm weak in car jargon, but I didn't know what a cowl was, but explained that it refers to the front panel that connects to the left and right pillars inside the front window. There was a place to do it. Haha.

In that case, does it mean this, that is, the part inside the front window (or above the instrument) above the steering wheel? Is it gone? ↓

Or there is a site that says that the area around the outer wiper is a cowl, so in that case, that part has narrowed? ??

I don't know "cowl". Where does the car cowl mean? I want someone to tell me ... (What's this blog (laughs). I'm sorry it's too appropriate ^^).

The instrument section consists of a curved 16.8 inch screen.

A slim and modern look with a style similar to a smartphone or tablet. Real glass is used here, and a polarizing filter is vapor-deposited on the glass to prevent reflection.

If you take a closer look at the yellow circled part here ↓, there are various displays here as well, and I think that all of these are lit when issuing various warnings and notifications.

This is the yellow circle on the right. The mark on the far left looks like a fish bone (no (laughs)). ↓

And this is the one in the yellow circle on the left. Furthermore, this start button looks like a personal computer ...! ↓

The images published by Porsche are very particular

Looking at the displayed instruments, the display of the distance that can be traveled is "1,963 km"! Hmm, fashionable.

This is absolutely in line with this number from "1963", the year of Porsche 911's debut. The time is, of course, "9:11".

I really love this kind of attention to detail. And the more I find these small details, the more I laugh and be happy. e? A deep-rooted hobby ... (laughs)?

Taycan has higher front tire pressure than rear tires

Oh yeah, in Taycan, the tire pressure setting of the front wheels is higher than that of the rear wheels, isn't it? In the case of 911, the rear wheels are higher, so hey! !! I tought. Excuse me, super amateur impression ^ ^

And here is the yellow circle ↓ where the 30km speed limit is displayed. This Taycan, the instrument panel has four display modes,

  • Classic mode: Porsche-specific circular display mode
  • Map mode: Replaced the central power meter with a navigation map display
  • Full map mode: Navigation system map displayed on the entire display
  • Pure mode: Navigation using only speed, traffic signs, and arrows

In this photo, the speed limit is displayed, so at first I thought that this was pure mode, but apparently this is classic mode. Still, I wonder if there will be a speed limit display.

There are two types of steering. The optional GT Sport steering wheel has a Porsche round mode switch.

Hey, Porsche ... the day will come (laughs)?

In the center of the dashboard is a 10.9 inch display.

It seems that this central display can also be operated by voice recognition, and voice recognition is activated by pressing the voice button on the display or the dedicated button on the steering wheel.

so! !! There is another way to activate speech recognition, which is "Hey Porsche" as well as "Hey, Mercedes".

No, no, "Hey, Porsche"! !! !!

That, that English pronunciation is certainly cool if it feels like "Hey, Posha". I can say this (← but only in English-speaking countries ^^). But, well, in the case of Taycan running in Japan, the voice recognition command is probably "Hey, Porsche" in katakana, isn't it? ??

No! !! !!

If I suddenly say "Hey, Porsche!" In front of the children, I'll definitely be stupid! !! !! No, even if I was riding a Porsche sales person or an advisor who understands Porsche, I can not say "Hey, Porsche!" To me as embarrassing (laugh)! !! !!

Can you guys do it ... Oh, I wonder if voice recognition is basically used only when there is only one person in the car ... ^^? !!

After that, with the 8.4-inch touch panel just below the center display, you can digitally operate the louver of the air conditioner outlet and even the direction of the wind.

If a 4-zone automatic air conditioning control system is installed as an option, the 5.9-inch touch panel will enable air conditioning to be operated from the rear seats as well.

Since this 8.4 inch display part is also equipped with a trackpad, it seems that you can easily enter the address from there ↓

The rest consists of two cup holders, wireless charging, and a storage unit with two USB ports.

It's a sketch, but the whole picture looks like this ↓It certainly feels like a future. If you actually see it, it will be super cool ~ ^ ^

Taycan, it might be better than expected! I'm starting to think. No, but of course, I still want to drive a noisy car, so I can't go to Taycan yet, but I think it's cool.

Taycan's sound system is Blumester

And it seems that Taycan's sound system uses "Burmester". Of course, for the United States that likes BOSE, there seems to be a BOSE option ^ ^

These two pictures are the door part on the driver's side ↓

And this is the passenger seat side ↓

Another thing to keep in mind is this sports chrono watch.

I also really like the fact that the displayed time is 9:11 ^^

Taycan can also install a touch panel display on the passenger seat side

And, a touch panel display can be installed as an option on the dashboard part on the passenger seat side.

Currently, it seems that an experiment is being conducted to play video streaming (it seems to be supposed to feel like Netflix) on the display on the passenger seat side here. However, when the Taycan is first sold, the video streaming function in the passenger seat will not be implemented.

It is said that after clarifying that "video playback cannot be seen from the driver's seat", this function will be available for the first time by a subsequent software update. Certainly it is dangerous if you can see the video playback while driving. As expected, Porsche emphasizes safety.

However, this video streaming playback is still in the testing stage, so I do not know what will happen in the future.

This is the display on the passenger seat side that is open to the public at the moment ↓

Also, these displays are designed to be able to display in "dark mode" ... In other words, it seems that they can also display on a so-called white background instead of the black background (dark mode) as shown in this photo.

Porsche Taycan Interior Color Types

It seems that some interior color combinations are also available. It seems that the entire lineup has not been announced yet, but the ones released at this time are as follows:

  • Black-lime beige
  • Blackberry / blackberry
  • Atacama beige
  • Meranti brown / meranti brown
  • (Optional) black matte
  • (Optional) dark silver
  • (Option) Neodymium ← Color like champagne gold / neodyme

The following choices are available for the door and center console:

  • Wood trim
  • Matte carbon
  • Embossed aluminum or fabric

There is also a leather-free (leather-free) trim interior, which doesn't even use leather for the handles.

It's called "Race-Tex", which is made of recycled polyester fiber, made of microfiber material, and "Econyl", which is made by recycling from a fishing net. There seems to be some material.

Also, even if it is leather, Porsche is currently adopting a process called "OLEA" that tans leather using olive leaves. To be clear, I'm still not sure about this area, but anyway, it's eco-friendly ^^

The size of Porsche Taycan

Finally, about the size of Taycan. It seems that there is no officially written size yet, but according to overseas sites, there are two theories.

① Length 4,850mm x Width 1,990mm
② Length 4,959mm x Width 1,958mm x Height 1,380mm

I do not know which is correct or neither is correct, but it seems that the size is different from Panamera anyway (but the height is lower than Panamera).

Porsche electric car Taycan. I'm really looking forward to it ^^

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