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"TAG Heuer x Porsche" partnership unveiled We participated in a virtual event

Posted: February 5, 2021 Updated:

Online event by ZOOM

One day in February. A courier has arrived from TAG Heuer.

When I opened it, I found a nice black box with the TAG Heuer and Porsche logos engraved on it.

It shines in the photo, but the logo is properly white and the design is included ^ ^

This is already really exciting!

I wondered what it was, and when I opened the contents, I found that there was a red box and what seemed to be a bottle set in it like this.

Hmm, this is the menu table!

A lot of fashionable names are written. Maybe these are in this red box? ??

When I opened it, the answer was correct ~ ^^

Well, there are a lot of appetizers that look very delicious. Nanikore, I'm so happy.

These appetizers are Porsche's restaurant "" in Shiodome.The Momentum By PorscheIt is said that this is an original menu specially made by the chef for this day.

The bottle that was set next to it was champagne. The highest.

Thank you! !! !!

This kind of champagne & appetizer set from TAG Heuer (and Porsche with a partner) arrived, yes, the partnership between TAG Heuer x Porsche was announced worldwide on February 4, 2021. In response to this, an online presentation was held in Japan on February 5th the next day.

Originally, it was an event that might have been held grandly at some venue, but now that emergency declarations have been issued in some cities and prefectures, we use ZOOM. It was an online unveiling.

Therefore, with the kindness of the company, we not only let you participate in the ZOOM unveiling, but also please participate while enjoying this appetizer and champagne, so we gave it in advance.

Now that it's time, prepare champagne etc. in front of the PC.

The countdown has begun ...

Finally, the online TAG Heuer x Porsche partnership unveiling event has begun.

Oh, I'm gonna drink it. Happiness ~. I'm sorry.

I opened the champagne and started drinking it. The moderator is here.

Toru Mukai, TAG Heuer's general manager, appeared at this unveiling.

Mr. Kenichiro Maeda, Executive Officer, Marketing & CRM Department of Porsche Japan.

Ah. Maeda-n (familiar ^^)!

Because I had met Maeda-san at another place before, so this time Maeda-san couldn't see my existence, but I met him for the first time in a while through the screen. One person was happy to be able to do it in front of the PC ^ ^

Oh, are you already drunk? Wasn't it enough if it wasn't a full bottle (laughs)?

TAG Heuer's slogan is "Don't crack under pressure", which is not just a slogan but a way of thinking, and TAG Heuer says, "A moment-to-moment choice determines the victory of life. It seems that it is thought.

This way of thinking also applies to motor sports = Porsche.

Porsche and TAG Heuer share a long history and values, and TAG Heuer is also co-sponsoring Carrera Cup Japan this term.

In the future, various events will be held in response to the conclusion of this partnership.

so! !! !!

At this point, I was already "wow" in front of the ZOOM screen.

After the greetings from the two of us, we said, "Then, I'd like to have a toast here. Everyone, please" and it was a toast here!

Moe who sent me, that, I'm already drinking! I'm sorry ~. It's a toast while apologizing ^^

Livestreaming video worldwide

After the toast, the video of the announcement of the partnership between TAG Heuer and Porsche, which was live-streamed to the world from the TAG Heuer headquarters in Switzerland on February 4, 2021, was shown.

This is actually my second time watching livestreaming because I was watching it live.

However, it was easier to understand because a Japanese interpreter was attached to this video ^^

In this live announcement, TAG Heuer CEO Frederic Arnault will be featured.

He seemed to be very excited and talked about this partnership.

About the history of TAG Heuer and Porsche in the past.

This is a partnership called the Global Brand Partnership (or strategic partnership), but since it was said that it was the first time for both companies to form a partnership at this level, it was just "let's support a little". Seems different.

A pretty serious partnership.

In addition, Porsche's Sales & Marketing Executive Officer Detlev Von Platen also appeared.

The TAG Heuer model, which was created to commemorate the conclusion of this partnership, was announced by pretending that "Did you have anything to show to everyone when announcing this partnership?"

That is "TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 02 Chronograph Porsche Special Edition".

It's long.

In addition, Patrick Dempsey also appeared in the video appearance.

He seemed very excited and was pleased with the announcement of this watch and the partnership between the two companies.

For more information on the long-standing relationship between TAG Heuer and Porsche, please refer to the official website.(Official) Porsche and TAG Heuer sign strategic partnership

TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber Heuer 02 Chronograph Porsche Special Edition Details

Next, TAG Heuer explained the collaboration watch announced this time.

I would like to write it in a simple bullet point.

  • Based on the Carrera (clock) launched in 1963 by Mr. Jack Heuer, the 4th generation of the Heuer family.
  • A model made to commemorate the conclusion of this partnership
  • The size is 44 mm
  • The material is stainless steel with a combination of polish and satin finish.
  • Bezel is fixed black ceramic
  • Porsche color red on the bezel, engraved with PORSCHE
  • Porsche red color on the crown at 3 o'clock
  • The back is made of stainless steel and uses a screw-in sapphire case.
  • The rotor is inspired by Porsche's steering
  • Waterproofness can be used for water activities such as swimming, water skiing, yachting, etc. where water pressure is not applied when wearing a stainless steel belt.
  • The dial perfectly expresses the specially developed gray asphalt processing.
  • The index uses the Arabic numeral font that is also used for Porsche dashboards.
  • The hands are decorated with white super ruby nova so you can clearly see the time even at night.
  • The movement is equipped with the latest Heuer 02, which TAG Heuer is proud of.
  • 80 hours power reserve
  • The chronograph mechanism is a vertical clutch system
  • Leather belt is also available
  • It creates a sense of unity with the interior of the Porsche car.
  • The material is calf

Leather belt and bracelet model

By the way, only one questionnaire was taken during the unveiling at ZOOM this time.

It seems that the participants this time were those invited by TAG Heuer and those invited by Porsche, but the people who were browsing asked "Which do you like, the leather model or the bracelet model?"

It happened suddenly, so yeah! Although I'm a little confused, I thought that the leather model would have a more Porsche feeling if it was the two models this time, so I checked the leather model.

When the results were announced ... In the questionnaire here, the leather model was overwhelmingly popular, occupying the 82%.

In response to this result, Mr. Mukai, who said, "Both are nice, but I feel like I'm losing because I'm wearing (a bracelet model)" was very cute ^^

* This time, Mr. Mukai was wearing a bracelet model and Mr. Maeda was wearing a leather model.

Mr. Mukai said, "I think that beautifully designed watches and cars should not be stored in a safe or left in the garage, but should be tried and enjoyed." I was able to sympathize with it very much.

It seems that there was no particular announcement of a female model, but will it come out in the future?

A male model is fine, but hmm, how about it? For me, it seems to be good if it is up to about 41 mm, but is it a little big if it is 44 mm? Next time, I would like to go see it once.

Oh yeah, and finally, when I was watching this online presentation, I felt the times, and I thought it was good.

That is the touch of TAG Heuer x Porsche Goo in the livestreaming of the head office.

And also Japanese TAG Heuer-x Porsche.

It was said that various events will be held from now on, so I would like to look forward to the movement because this partnership has been concluded.

While the state of emergency in Corona was announced, I had a wonderful time from home.

Thank you to LVMH Watch Jewelery Japan (TAG Heuer), Porsche Japan, and EBI Group ^^

Reference article:
(Official) Porsche and TAG Heuer sign strategic partnership
(Official) Porsche and TAG Heuer enter into strategic partnership
◆ (Official) Official special site for this watch

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