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Bentley Flying Spur? ?? Aston Martin is Vantage S!

Posted: June 28, 2018 Updated:

When I was walking, I found a black Panamera. It seemed like the driver was on the road ... so I passed next to it and proceeded.

Then, the one who is stationed next is the bright red Macan S. The bright red Macan after the black Panamera earlier was impressive with vivid colors.

I thought. Suddenly, Mr. Black Panamera ran from behind and was stationed again in front of this Mr. Red Macan S. Can you see a little red behind Mr. Panamera in the photo? It was a beautiful contrast between black and red.

The driver was on board the black Panamera, so I could only take a hidden shot ... No, it's more like a hidden shot, it's a complete hidden shot (laughs), I'm sorry ...

And this time I also changed to a car and saw while driving, this is Mr. Bentley. I want you to use it as your own car more than once around the zodiac (about 12 years ago? About 2006?)! I thought Bentley was a Continental GT.

But at this time, I was living abroad, so I was hoping for a wide road in that country, so when I returned to Japan and saw Bentley, I said, "Running on such a narrow Japanese road with Bentley. "It's impossible!", The Bentley fever disappeared immediately (laughs).

Right now, there is one mom friend who is riding the Bentley Continental GT, but I really respect him (being able to drive in Tokyo ...).

So, I don't know much about Bentley, but this is Flying Spur? ?? kana? ??

By the way, and recently, I meet this mini-san every week. I will drive to my child's lessons, but at that time I may be stationed on the road, and I have been stationed in front of and behind this mini-san for the past two weeks in a row. It seems that mom is driving, so maybe this mini is also picking up children.

I've only been stationed back and forth for two weeks in a row, but the reason I feel so close is that the license plate numbers of this car and my car are the same (laughs).

Cars with the same number will be parked back and forth for two weeks in a row ... and maybe next week and beyond ...

Somehow, each other has a feeling that "Oh, it's the same number. It's a child's pick-up, isn't it?" But). Moreover, the same black car. When I meet people with the same plate number, I feel that they have the same sensibilities, or that they are close to each other, and I feel a sense of intimacy.

Well, when I see another person with the same plate number as my birthday, I think "Oh, this person may have the same birthday as me" and I feel close to him (laughs).

So, the last thing I met on this day was Vantage S, a beautiful blue Aston Martin!

Recently, I feel that I've come to see Aston Martin more often than ever before.

It's fun to meet various wonderful cars every day and every time I drive! The days when the weather is nice are really good ~. it's the best!



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