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Rear vertical line of the new Porsche 911 (992) ... Rear Slat Urban Legend

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Was it intended?

The story begins in June 2019 ... that is, more than a year ago.

What happened before that. Oh, how persistent I am. Obsession.

No, this is a story when the actual car of the new Porsche 911 (992) was not so popular in Japan, and at that time various things were still unknown world 992 type Porsche 911. It is a story when I was going around.

at that time,When I wrote a blog that showed me the actual car of 992I have received such a comment.

This is what I bought. ↓

Yes, this story. I'm sure some of you have heard of it.

The vertical line that is the fin on the rear of the new Porsche 911 (the official name in English is Slat Inlay ... I would like to call it Slat here). * By the way, this vertical line is described as "slatch" in the Japanese configurator (official), but is it called "slatch" in Japanese? Is that so? ?? ??

I was replying to this rumor story (?) With a comment like this ↓

That's right, a rumor about the number of rear slats that are said to be this small story ... I also saw this in some video or read in some article before the announcement of 992.

I think that what I saw was that Porsche AG was talking, but I could not find the source information even if I searched for it later, so in my mind it is just a "rumor story" (Neta) ".

If there is no reliable source information, it will not be definitive information for me.

And why did I start talking about this small story again a year later? This time, when I was watching the video regardless of this, the topic about this story came up by chance. (Laughs)

That is here.

America is a video of a car dealer in New York (Manhattan Motorcars).

Here, the dealer explained 992, but when I was struck by the rear, I suddenly started talking about this small story ^ ^!

I was impressed to see this story again (?) For the first time in a year.

The vertical line on the rear of the Porsche 992 represents the 992

Pointing to the rear slats, "9 on the left and 9 on the right"

"So, with the two third brake lights in the middle," 9-9-2 ""

"Or, of the nine on the left and right, the two in the middle are regarded as eleven (11), and they represent" 911 "."

No, the person who explained it, I wasn't excited about this story, I wasn't smiling, and it was spoken plainly (laughs).

I'm just happy ^^

Oh, and the rear slats of this car are painted in silver, so you can see it indoors (Related article:Porsche 992: Side skirt & rear vertical line color option).

Now, do you know what this explanation means?

In other words, this is what it is. What, suddenly, this handwriting (laughs) ↓ I'm sorry it's unsightly.

As you can see, there are 9 vertical lines on the left, 9 vertical lines on the right side, and 2 in the middle, so it's like "992!"

Furthermore, of the nine on the left and right, the two in the middle are regarded as "11" and are called "911, right? This" ^^.

As I wrote so far, in reality, the dealer just told me about this story, so I'm still certified as a "story" (laughs).

Even he in the video does not say that "Porsche intentionally made this" about the number of this rear slats.

So in conclusion, this story is still a small story of an urban legend in me ^ ^

If anyone can find source information that Porsche really intended this, please let me know.

I wonder how many years from now it will be possible to be refreshed ...? ??

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