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I want to synchronize Porsche's Formula E car with Family Mart... and watching Formula E

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Head to Odaiba to experience Formula E

Round 5 of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship will be held on Saturday, March 30, 2024 in Odaiba, Tokyo, where Formula E cars (electric cars) will race on a 2,582 km urban course built along Tokyo Bay. Tokyo E-Prix” was held.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a ticket, so I watched it on TV from home that day.

The next day, there was something I really wanted to do, so I headed to Odaiba.

There was still an event being held at Tokyo Big Sight the day after the race, so I thought I'd take the chance to check it out, but the maximum temperature in Tokyo that day was 26 degrees, which is pretty cool for March. Since it was getting hot, I didn't have the energy to go that far, so I headed towards the course by car.

I got a glimpse of the course being set up from inside the car.

It really felt like a sneak peek ^^, but it was still nice because I was able to get a taste of the atmosphere at the scene.

``Was there a race here yesterday?''

The purpose is FamilyMart

Well, the main purpose of going all the way to Odaiba that day was to go to Family Mart.

Of course, there are several FamilyMarts near my home, so I don't have to go all the way to Odaiba. No, to be more precise, this is Family Mart in Shinkiba, Koto Ward.

This time, I had a reason why I had to go to this Family Mart during this weekend when Formula E is in full swing.

Does anyone know the reason for this by looking at this photo?

I don't know?

So what about this photo?

Okay, big hint.

Currently recruiting Famipay members.

yes. got it? ? If you like Porsche, you should already know this.

This Family Mart, the other dayThe store where the Porsche 99X Formula E race car was photographedThat's it.

The moment we saw this photo of the Porsche 99X Electric released, my husband and I were like, ``Isn't this Family Mart over there?'' So I said, "Then I have to go."

No, why are you going (lol)?

This time we went to Family Mart during the day, so I tried to edit the photos I took to make them look as close to the Porsche 99X as possible. Sorry for the miscellaneous work...

I went to Shinkiba Family Mart just because I wanted to do this. I'm grateful to my husband for being with me through this, hehehe.

No, but when I think, ``99X was parked here a few days ago,'' it makes me so happy.

I was trying to take pictures with as similar a composition as possible, but the difference in height between the cars made it impossible to do anything about it. It's too different.

Looking at it this way, the Carrera T looks like it was composited with the wrong size (the photo was taken on the spot) ^^

I was very satisfied that I was able to take a photo of the Carrera T with the same composition as the Porsche 99X Electric at the same Family Mart (*I also did a lot of shopping at Family Mart), but there is one more thing in my mind. There was one thing that made sense to me and said, ``I see.''

Here is it.

I understand?

This part. The signboard is broken!

I see, that's what it was! !

When I saw the photo of the Porsche that was released the other day, I noticed that the "Family Mart" on the upper light had been erased, but the Family Mart name in other parts, such as "Now accepting FamiPay members," had not been erased, so I assumed that "Maybe it was Photoshopped by a foreigner, so they couldn't understand FamiPay in Japanese."

But I'm sure this is not to erase Family Mart's name because the signboard was broken, but that they had to fix it to make the broken sign look nicer. I noticed this.

When I realized this, I felt like I was Conan and thought, ``I didn't erase my name, there was something I had to hide!'' The mystery was solved and I felt refreshed (lol).

Formula E watching

The day after Formula E, I went to Family Mart and thought about the 99X, but on the day of Formula E, I watched it from home.

It was my first time watching Formula E, so I started watching it without really understanding anything, but as I watched it, I noticed that there was something called ``Attack Mode.''

This is a mode that allows each driver to increase the maximum total power to 350kW from the usual 300kW, and it is said that this mode must be used at least twice during the race.

Therefore, each driver uses the attack mode for a total of 8 minutes twice, but when it starts, the ATTACK MODE field will display a sound effect and a message indicating who started using it and how many minutes are left in that mode. was displayed.

``I see!'' I was looking at it, and I was moved by the fact that there were so many ABB names on it (I guess so), and I noticed a pink car parked in the parking lot beside the course. Isn't the car a Taycan? ? Or something like that ^^

Speaking of the Taycan, the safety car that was deployed midway was also a Taycan.

That's right. I'm kind of happy.

When I watched Formula E for the first time, I thought, ``I understand that a strategy that considers power consumption is important, but I wonder what it would be like for a race to have to keep this in mind when running.''

Of course, perhaps the best part of Formula E races is that the strategy that takes into account electricity costs determines the winner or loser, but even when 1st and 2nd place swapped midway through, Nissan was still in 1st place. I heard that when they were pulled out, they couldn't do it due to electricity costs, and it seemed strange to think that it was possible for everyone to slow down at the very end.

By the way, the number of laps on this day was originally supposed to be 33, but due to the yellow flag, two laps were added at the end (for a total of 35 laps).

Once we found out about that, we made adjustments so that we could do 35 laps instead of the original 33 laps with just 0% remaining, right?

The Tokyo city course this time looked very narrow, so it seemed like it would be extremely difficult to overtake or be overtaken unless the other car made a mistake (including one related to power consumption).

Porsche was also in 3rd place until the very end, but just as the race was about to take place, it fell to 4th place. It was a shame that I barely made it to the podium.

Even so, #94 Pascal Wehrlein, who finished 5th this time, was able to take the top spot in the drivers' rankings. Congratulations ^^

Anyway, what happens to the remaining electricity in your cars after you cross the finish line (35 laps)? amazing.

Almost everyone is "0%". If this happens, if it goes below 0%, will I be unable to move due to almost no power once I cross the finish line? ?

This is what happened to match the 35 laps this time, but if this was actually ``5 additional laps'', we would have to further reduce power consumption for the 3 additional laps, and if that happens, Will the overall speed slow down? ?

Does that mean it's getting slower and slower towards the finish? ?

I still don't fully understand Formula E, but I think it's different from what you would call a regular gasoline car race, and that it should be enjoyed in a different way.

But, just knowing that it was a race got me excited from start to finish and I ended up watching the whole thing. It was fun.

It was great to be able to enjoy the collaboration (with 99X) at Family Mart!

Source:(Official)Pascal Wehrlein now leads the drivers' standings after Formula E's debut in Tokyo

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