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Porsche 911 50th Anniversary model

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Porsche 911 that I fell in love with at first sight after a long absence

The other day, when I went to a certain shop, I saw something like Porsche 911 in the parking lot.

Seen from a distance, "Hmm? That's like 991 ... but it's a little different? That? The foil is like Fuchs, what ??" I felt a little uncomfortable.

When I entered the shop, I had to pass in front of the car, and I saw it even closer ... "Well, what's this, it's so cool !!!" I have contacted Mr.

"↑ This 911 is insanely cool, but what is it ?!" (laughs).

Because it was really nice. The fact that I was riding shinyly made the 911 look even more wonderful, and I could feel the love of the owner. ^^.

The person in charge came out of the shop and talked to me, but there was almost no conversation in my ears ... I'm sorry (but at that time my husband was in charge) Since he was talking to me, the conversation was established ^^).

No, it was one that I thought "What do you want this!" At first glance after a long time. I'm sorry it's a car for people ... But it's so nice! !!

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary model

Yes, this is the "Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition" (Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition), which is an anniversary model made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of Porsche 911.

I was curious, so I searched a little. The photos after thisFrom overseas used car information siteIt is.

It was announced in the summer of 2013, and at that time I knew "Porsche 911", but I did not own 911 yet, and I have a lot of Porsche-loving diseases like now. I didn't do it, it was a very healthy time (laughs).

So, I didn't know the Porsche 911 50th Anniversary model, which was a hot topic around 2013-2014 ... Oh, I wanted to go back 6 years ago and know it.

Why didn't the Porsche salesman contact me six years ago saying "I'm gonna get this"! !! !! (Ah, haven't you met yet ^^?)

Base is Carrera S, limited to 1,963 units worldwide

It seems that it was made based on this 911 50 model, Porsche 911 Carrera S, and it is sold only for 1,963 units worldwide (1,963 units because it is a model commemorating the birth of the first 911 in 1963).

Although it is based on Carrera S, the body is a wide body that was used in 4WD models such as Carrera 4. The front bumper and window frame are also specially finished, and the plated rear grille is also characteristic.

The rear logo also has the letters "911 50" in a classical font.

Pepita pattern sheet on the hooks wheel

Furthermore, as mentioned above, a 20-inch special wheel with a Fuchs wheel motif is adopted, and the interior is also a pepiter pattern. ↓ A pattern like this houndstooth.

This Pepita pattern (Pepita) is Porsche's top 5 fashionable seat pattern released on December 25, 2018 last year (Porsche Top 5 Series: Fancy Seat Patterns), It was the second place ↓.

The headrest also has the 911 50 logo.

A fire extinguisher is also available as an option.

And this 50th anniversary model 911 is limited to 1,963 units, so the serial number of that number is stamped on the dashboard where the cup holder comes out.

Each 1,963 units has a serial number

Looking at the items on the second-hand market (overseas), each number was entered like this. This is [No. 723] ↓

[No. 1190] ↓

[No. 1718] ↓

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary model feels like the new Porsche 911 (992)

The photos after this are from the official Porsche website overseas.

This time, when I saw this Porsche 911 50th Anniversary model, the first thing I thought was "Somehow, there is something similar to the upcoming Porsche 992 type".

So does the rear logo, and so does the Fuchs style foil.

As an image, the elements of 911 that are classical as a whole are incorporated, and as my own thoughts

"Porsche may have already considered making the 8th generation 992 a classic timeless machine six years before making this 50th anniversary model."

I thought.

Even if it wasn't considered, when I saw this 50th anniversary model, I felt the inevitability of the current 992 as a 992.

I don't need a reason to like it

If I buy a Porsche 911 from now on (assuming all options are available), I wouldn't choose a pepita-patterned sheet first, and if I didn't choose a Fuchs-like classically designed foil, the back I think that I will change the logo of the 911 classical font of 911 if I can change it.

Maybe I want a black leather seat, spider-designed foil, and a 911 logo with a naive font like 991.2 if you can change it.

If you choose it yourself, it's actually a Porsche 911 50th Anniversary model that is completely different from your taste, but for some reason, when you see this completed 50th anniversary model, it becomes "Wow !!!!" Curiously, I can't help but really look at this 911.


But when you like people, right? After all, it's about whether or not "the person who exists there" seems to be wonderful, and each part is not essential.

I don't know why, but what fascinates me is that person's charm. In this case, I think that this completed shape is also the charm and fascination of this car for me.

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition Specs

* This spec is not a 50th anniversary model power kit, but a base one

engine Horizontally opposed 6-cylinder 3.8 liter
Maximum output 400ps (294kW) / 7,400rpm
Maximum torque 440Nm / 5,600rpm
Drive system RR
transmission 7-speed MT / 7-speed PDK
maximum speed 300km (MT) / 298km (PDK)
0-100km 4.5 seconds (MT) /4.3 seconds (PDK)
Sports Chrono 0-100km 4.1 seconds (PDK)
Dry weight (DIN) 1,410Kg
Tire size (front) 245 / 35ZR20
Tire size (rear) 305 / 30ZR20
full length 4,509 mm
width 1,852 mm
height 1,295 mm
trunk 145L

It was a really happy time to meet the very nice 50th anniversary model Porsche 911.

By the time I got out of the store, this car was gone and I didn't feel the loneliness at that time.

Ah, it really touched my heart for the first time in a while. It was too nice ... I want ... (← After all, this will happen (laughs)).

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