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The new Macan before becoming an electric car is unveiled! Compare with the current Macan

Posted: March 1, 2019 Updated:

Porsche new Macan released in Japan

Porsche Macan says that 350,000 units have been sold in four years since it was released.

Just the other day (February 26, 2019), it was announced that the next generation Macan will be an electric car!

Following the "Taikan" announced as Porsche's electric vehicle, it will be the first electric vehicle as an SUV (compact SUV). 800 volts same as Taycan.

Immediately after being surprised that "Well, Macan-san will become an electric car!", It was said that there was another unveiling of the new Macan that was announced a while ago in Japan.

"The new Macan Sneak Preview"

I always enjoy seeing youIt was posted on Intensive911's siteSo oh! I read it and watched the video.

By the way, Intensive911's site says "I wonder if you really like cars", which is very well communicated & spelled out in his words by combining his knowledge and information on various cars. I like it very much and I read it a lot ^^

No, but when I saw the announcement "The new Macan is good" immediately after the announcement of "The next generation Macan will be an electric car", "No, I bought this Macan before it became an electric car. I feel like I'm being told ... "Isn't it? I wonder if it will be (laughs).

For the time being, I can't afford an electric car yet, so I didn't know anything about the new Macan before it became an electric car, so I'd like to study a little this time.

However, I am concerned about the design (← too much emphasis on appearance (laugh)), so for the time being, I would like to compare it with the current Macan, focusing on the design surroundings.

Porsche new Macan, new Macan S

Both Macan and Macan S seemed to have expressed the impression that the ride quality has improved so much that it seems that "Wow, it has changed!" Instead of "a little" from the new model, and the ride quality is the current one. It seems that it is considerably better than that.

Also, the announcement said, "Even if you see it in the city, Porsche is a roofline that you can easily recognize as Porsche. A design that makes you imagine a 911 coupe."

* By the way, this Miami Blue color is a new color in Macan.

The rear tail light was connected to one, but at first glance with the Porsche 911 4WD up to 991, the new 992, the new Cayenne, etc., it may seem like "all the tail lights have been connected", In fact, everyone said that they were "a little different."

Compare the taillights of the new Porsche 911, the new Cayenne, and the new Macan

So, I compared the rear of each new Porsche series. From the top are the new Porsche 911, the new Cayenne, and the new Macan.

Oh ~. It's true, it's definitely not!

I was only thinking "Somehow all new Porsche models have a rear tail light connected to one" (I always saw only 911 ...), but Macan is more three-dimensional. It is said that it has a nice design, and when you compare it like this, it is really different.

LED headlights are standard for the new Macan

Until now, there was a fog light, but since the headlight has become an LED as standard, the function of the fog light has been integrated into the headlight and it has disappeared from the new model ... So the area of the front grill has become larger. That thing. In addition, a lip spoiler is also standard equipment.

First of all, comparing the headlights, it looks like this. By comparison, this is also quite different.

Comparing the front grille ... It's true that the grille part has become bigger without fog lights, but when you look at the whole front, you don't feel that it's bigger!

The air take of the front part has also been changed, and the left and right ends of the opening are said to be side air intake blades that can efficiently take in a lot of air like the Porsche 911 GT3.

10.9 inch monitor installed in the new Macan

After all, the big change in the car is Porsche Communication Management (PCM) that can be used with the "10.9 inch monitor" installed in the new 911 (992).

Until now, the center console had a vertical design, but from this time it has become a horizontal design like the new 911.

The start screen (home screen) can also be customized.

A new mode switch has also been added to the sports chrono model.

The sports chrono package model is equipped with a new mode switch. With this mode switch, it is possible to change to each driving mode of "Normal Sports Sports Plus Individual".

Also, by pressing the sports response button in the center of the mode switch, the transmission will shift down for 20 seconds and the countdown for 20 seconds will start, during which you can enjoy the best performance that this Macan can produce.

After that, the electric power steering has been renewed, and the spring of the damper of the front suspension has also been improved from steel to aluminum.

New Macan price and output

Finally, the vehicle body price includes tax

New Macan: 6,990,000 yen
New Macan S: 8,590,000 yen

The output is

New Macan: 252PS / 185kW
New Macan S: 354PS / 260kW

Compared to the current Macan, the headlights are also LED, and advanced safety equipment is added (adaptive cruise control with pedestrian detection function, lane change assist, park assist with surround view are standard equipment), and the price is higher Since it is a deferred 6.99 million yen, isn't it quite a bargain ^^?

As for the new Macan S, it is only 180,000 up from the current Macan S's 8,410,000 yen.

No, I had never seen Macan seriously before, but when I saw the new Macan in this way, I thought it was quite nice.

If it becomes an electric car, I like this new Macan in front of it!

While saying that, in fact, even if I look at "Cayenne" and "Macan" in the city, I sometimes can not judge which is which (laugh), so it is useless. After all, I like 911! !! !!

Source: All photosFrom the media center of Porsche official website

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