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"Dream Big", part of Porsche's "The Art of Dreams"

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Porsche art by Scottish artist Chris Labrooky

From October 2021, Porsche has started exhibiting various Porsche-related art works in major cities in a series called "The Art of Dreams".

The first was the work "Remember your dreams" by French artist Cyril Lancelin, which was exhibited in Paris (later exhibited in Singapore).

In addition, an exhibition in Milan of artwork combining a 1972 Porsche 911 S2.4 and wild roses by Ruby Barber from Berlin.

This time, the exhibition of works by Scottish artist Chris Labroy has started in conjunction with the Art Week held in Miami, Florida, USA.

Many of you may have already seen his work using Porsche in the past. There are works like a Porsche stuck in a pool, and things that are flamingos.

Chris Labrooy

I've been writing various things about Porsche on my blog, but I often don't write about things that make me "hmm", including his past works, so let me introduce it on this blog. I have never received it (selfishly (laughs)).

Although I know it's art, I couldn't accept things like Porsche sinking, so I didn't write it on my blog (I'm denying the art work itself. not).

But I really like his work.

The theme of this work is "Dream Big".

In other words, "dream big", and this work speaks to the child in each of us, and I want to make people who see this work have big dreams.

As you can see, a large adult with a helmet (and a racing suit?) ... No, but I'm sure there's a child inside playing with a Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

Another amazing thing about the work is that this Porsche is a real car.

In other words, when you see this in front of you, I think it's a pretty big work. I want to see it~^^

Mr. Chris first created the image of this work with computer graphics, and then finished it as a real art work. Originally, he seems to be an artist who started with computer graphics works.

In addition, this art work is related to the "Porsche Project in the Virtual World" that will be released in the near future, and the child's heart in this self will become the center of something in the virtual world. It feels like

I wonder what the virtual world that Porsche will prepare in the future is, but I would like to look forward to future works of Porsche x art ^ ^

Dream BIG!

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The Art of Dreams
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