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Relationship between Porsche and Pegasus

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Mobiloil Pegasus Logo (Decal)

For those who already know, this may be common sense, but the story of Pegasus.

I always wondered what the Pegasus mark that I sometimes see on Porsche was.

Pegasus is a winged horse, not a real animal. But I think everyone knows what kind of creature Pegasus refers to.

Here is the Pegasus you see in Porsche ↓

Is it the most popular in general? In what seems to be a Pegasus that James Dean was attached to Porsche.

Even so, when I saw this James Dean's Pegasus, I thought nothing but "What is it?"When I wrote the story of a Porsche collector womanAnd see that her Porsche garage also has a perfect Pegasus

"Wow, Pegasus has appeared again! What is it??"

I started thinking, so I searched a little about Pegasus.

This is one of the Pegasus in the garage of Lisa Taylor, a Porsche collector who appeared in the video ↓

It turns out that this Pegasus is a logo used by Mobiloil in the past, and Mobiloil sponsored the Porsche 356 and Porsche in the old days, so this Pegasus decal was used by Porsche. It looks like it was glued on.

I didn't know anything, so I just went "huh". I agree with Pegasus in Porsche.

If you look closely, you can see that one of the Pegasus in Lisa's garage also says Mobilgas.

Not only is the brand logo written in letters such as "MOBILE" or "Mobilegas", but also because the mark is Pegasus and cool, even if it is not a sponsored race car, the general public will put it on stylishly. It means that there were many things ^ ^

Pegasus is just like a horse with wings, and it's like "I'll give you wings"... but that phrase is a different drink maker (laughs).

By the way, it seems that this Pegasus was mainly "fashionable to attach to 356", but now it seems that some people are attached to any Porsche model.

What is the Pegasus logo

The Pegasus logo began in 1911 when the Vacuum Oil Company of Cape Town, South Africa registered the Pegasus logo as a trademark of the company.

The Vacuum Oil Company later merged with Socony to become Socony-Vacuum, which changed its name to Socony Mobile Oil.

In addition, the company name was changed to Mobile Oil, and after that, through various company name changes, it became the current "Exxon Mobile Corporation". For more informationWikiIn ^^

The correct way to apply the Pegasus decal is determined by the angle

Well, let's actually put this Pegasus decal on your car! I think there are some people who will be.

Be careful here.

This Pegasus has a proper "sticking angle" specified, so if you go to the trouble of sticking it, try sticking it at the correct angle that has been passed down historically.

A correct angle is:

  • First of all, the Pegasus must be facing the direction of travel of the car.
  • The angle must be minus three degrees (-3°) so that the tail is lower than the horizontal line.

It will be attached at an angle of 3 degrees to a straight line like this ↓

Pegasus decals are now available as Porsche TequipmentIt is also possible to purchase via the Porsche Centeris.

There was also a description of attaching at -3° in the explanation of Tequipment ^ ^ ↓

Porsche garage the other dayHowever, I was shown several 356s with this Pegasus, and they were very nice.

As far as I am concerned, I understand what Pegasus is and why it is attached to Porsche!

Porsche Tequipment: Pegasus glue set
The Story of the Porsche 356 and the Pegasus Flying Horse

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