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Power sought by the Porsche and Piëch families

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According to a Reuters article a few days ago, the Porsche family and the Piëch family will be in the futurePorsche IPO expected to go publicIt is said that they want to get a bigger voice ahead of.

A desire to control the system and have a greater say in strategic decisions.

Information for this article is sourced from "people familiar with the matter." n/a

The current Porsche and Piëch families own a holding company called Porsche SE. This Porsche SE is the company that owns the majority of the Volkswagen Group's voting rights.

According to the story, the two families hope to restore peace to the Volkswagen Group after a period of upheaval under the management of former Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess, who recently took over as CEO. That's what I'm talking about.

Under Mr. Diess, VW took a big step toward electrification, but his approach often met with internal opposition, and the Porsche and Piëch family had a lot of patience in that area. It seems that I was doing it.

Well, even so, I don't know how credible it is because it's "a story of a certain source of information" ^ ^

The source added, "Until now, they thought they couldn't do it, but now the families are very actively involved."

Ladies and gentlemen of the Porsche & Piech family, before the Porsche IPO, it is now possible to seriously move to regain power ...

By the way, Mr. Oliver Blume, who was appointed as VW's new CEO and is also the CEO of Porsche, was the most likely candidate for the new VW CEO from both families, so he was trusted by both families. too thick.

Mr. Oliver is expected to push Porsche's IPO as it is.

Porsche's IPO is a very very important event for the Porsche & Piëch family, as it is an event that allows them to become direct shareholders of Porsche AG again, and it is possible to obtain veto power as a shareholder of Porsche AG.

Experts say the Porsche IPO is a way for the family to regain influence, and they want power back ("The primary reason is power.").

Porsche SE and VW declined to comment on the matter.

In the future, if Porsche IPOs and the Porsche Piëch family gains a large say and power there, what will change?

I just wanted to secure an absolute position, and I wonder if I didn't want to change anything in particular...

Source:Porsche and Piech families seek driving seat at Volkswagen

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