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Porsche: Porsche morning mission ◆ Porsche Experience Center Tokyo

PEC Tokyo 3rd Morning Mission: Theme is Morning Mission Mix

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The third theme is Porsche, anything is OK

A morning event at the Porsche Experience Center that started in January 2023, Morning Mission.

I1st time,2nd timeI was allowed to participate, but this time the morning mission held in March 2023 will be closed once. because in MarchI plan to go to PEC Tokyo on another matter.Since there were already two times ^ ^

Therefore, I didn't participate this time, but I want to leave a history of the morning mission at PEC Tokyo in the future (laughs), so I'm going to leave a record for the time being, whether I participate or not.

The third morning mission will be held on March 19, 2023 (Sunday), and the theme is "Morning Mission Mix", which means that any Porsche model will do.

For the third time, the doors used to open at 8:00, but this time the doors will open at 9:00. From the second time onwards, there is a service for taking pictures of cars by professional photographers.

For the third time, the coffee served here is a localTHE COFFEE KisarazuAn attempt to be a special blend prepared for this day.

It's also nice to have an event that connects with the locals of Kisarazu City ^ ^

It's a pity that I couldn't enjoy The Coffee Kisarazu's coffee this time. I would like to look forward to another opportunity ^ ^

As the theme was Morning Mission Mix, various models must have gathered.

Here is the group photo of the day.

The photos I am posting here arePEC Tokyo official siteto, andPEC Tokyo Official InstagramIt will be a photo from.

Overview of the 4th Morning Mission

The next 4th Morning Mission @ PEC Tokyo will be "Sunday, April 16, 2023] held.

The theme of the 4th edition is "Transaxles』.

transaxle? ? ? Well, what is it?

The word "transaxle" was originally coined by combining "transmission" and "axle", and it means a drive layout that connects the driving force of the engine and the rear axle with a drive shaft wrapped in a cylinder.

It is introduced as Porsche's transaxle era

  • 924
  • 944
  • 968
  • 928

Well, isn't it too rare to gather about 100 cars (laughs)? ?

... I think, but of course this time, all Porsche models can participate regardless of the theme. By the way, how many transaxle models will actually be gathered while about 100 are gathered? ?

The next event will also be held from 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Registration begins on March 24th. application isHomepage of PEC TokyoThan.

What should I do? April is also busy with various things, so I would like to worry a little more ^ ^

Source:(Official) The Transaxle Era

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