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Porsche 911 cabriolet can not open and close the roof with key operation in the United States

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Key-operated convertible top opening and closing

When I was talking to a mechanic who was visiting Japan from America the other day, there was something that struck me.

Well, most of the things I think "heh" are not difficult stories about performance or driving, but only trivia that "Isn't it okay if I don't know?" Maybe not (laughs).

But I will share.

I think you can understand because I have already written the contents in the title, but what I thought "Heh ~" this time is exactly "In the United States, Porsche's convertible top can not be opened and closed with key operation". .


right? There's no such thing (laughs)?

Let's take a look at the keys first.

Porsche 911 (991.2) key

Here are the keys to my black Carrera. In other words, the 991.2 type key of Porsche 911. Since it is a coupe, not a cabriolet, there is no roof that can be opened in the first place.

Porsche 911 (992.1) key

And here is the key to the Porsche 911 (992.1). This is the same 911, but it's a cabriolet, so you can open the roof.

If you put these two keys side by side, well, the size is surprisingly different. The 992 type is flatter.

Well, I wasn't talking about comparing the keys of 991 and 992, so I'd like to make a firm comparison about this again. picture? don't you want that?

This time, I took a picture of these two keys to compare them, but that's the difference between the parts circled in red.

The 992.1 cabriolet has a "button to open the roof" at the bottom of the key.

By pressing this button, it is possible to open and close the roof with key operation even if you are outside the car.

This is how the convertible top is opened by key operation. I think you can see that there is no one in the car ↓

It is said that this key operation function is not available in the United States. I did not know!

The reason why it can't be done is probably for safety reasons. (Such as removing dangerous elements from the beginning).

Therefore, Porsche cabriolet keys delivered to the United States do not have the bottom roof open/close button (my 991.2 keys are just black).

After learning about this, I tried searching for reels that overseas people are opening and closing the roof of the 911 cabriolet on Instagram etc., but it is true that there are people inside the car, and it can be opened and closed by operating from inside the car. was doing.

Here is the opening and closing of the convertible top with the key operation posted in the manual ↓

In fact, I saw some Americans on the internet who were wondering, "My cabriolet key doesn't have a D part?"

The answer to that question was, "You can't open and close the roof with a key operation in the US. If you want to change it, you can do it here."MODS4CARSA site called was introduced. I see.

Well, I don't think it's necessary to open and close the roof with a key operation, but what do you think?

By the way, I almost never open and close the roof by key operation only when I'm making an Instagram video (laughs).

For the time being, I was told that in the United States, you cannot open or close the roof of a cabriolet with a key operation!

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