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"2019 Porsche Rally": Part 12 Completion Ceremony at Tokyo Prince Hotel Garden Island

Posted: December 22, 2019 Updated:

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 2nd Porsche The Rally Amazing Moment 2019 Summary

Porsche the Rally 2019 Completion Ceremony

After all the Porsche 911 of the entrants who participated in the Porsche the Rally have finished the goal, there will be a rally completion ceremony.

The graduation ceremony this time was a venue called Garden Island in the Tokyo Prince Hotel, which was also the goal point.

Here, the entrants who have finished the goal and the management staff including Porsche Center Aoyama, Porsche Center Setagaya, Porsche Center Meguro, Porsche Center Ginza, Porsche Center Ginza Koishikawa will gather.

Before entering the venue, the new Porsche 911, the Miami Blue Porsche 992, welcomes you. He was there at the time of departure and welcomed me at the goal.

Porsche 911 Carrera 4S.

The inside of the venue looks like this ↓

The last rally completion ceremony was a standing meal (with a few chairs), but this time it was basically a style where everyone was seated.

Certainly, the style that everyone could sit in was good, considering that the waiting time may be quite long for those who scored in the beginning until the graduation ceremony started with everyone together. I think ^^

I'm glad I was able to actually sit comfortably.

There was also a light meal available at the venue, so I was able to have it freely. Sushi is stable and "will soon disappear" (laughs). From light meals to desserts.

As for drinks, I was able to get everything from soft drinks to alcohol. After all, should I go home and leave my car and come back and drink after scoring here? No, is that strange?

... So, I'll have a soft drink ^^

Porsche the Rally Group Photo

When I entered the venue for the graduation ceremony, I received souvenirs, one of which was here.

Envelopes with their bib numbers.

When I opened it ... Some of the photos taken at lunch on the same day as this graduation ceremony were already printed out and prepared by a group of 55 Porsche 911 entrants.

In addition, a picture of my car at the starting point on the first day is also included (and this is a valuable picture that may have been taken by racing driver Naoya Yamano ^^).

It was an event that lasted only two days, but I'm really grateful that the photos of the first day were prepared for each, and the photos printed out after lunch before the graduation ceremony were set and prepared for all entrants. As long as it is.

It conveys the feelings of the management people, "I want everyone to be happy."

Actually, when I saw this picture, the entrants around me were impressed, saying, "Well, this is the one you took earlier? You have already prepared it!" ^^

In addition, there is also a certificate that you participated in Porsche the Rally 2019 and completed all the processes. Contains the name and bib number.

Award Ceremony & Lottery at Porsche Rally Completion Ceremony

Now that everyone has gathered, the graduation ceremony has started.

At the completion ceremony, there will be a number of awards ceremonies and lottery, as well as greetings from the management.

As for the awards ceremony, here are a few things:

  • Best dressed award
  • Best pair award
  • The oldest registrant award that completed the race
  • Participated from the farthest place and won the prize (starting from Tokyo)


"The person who participated from the farthest place" was from Germany this time (German). Unlike the previous rally, the Porsche Classic did not participate from Germany, but the general entrant wanted to participate in the Porsche the Rally, so he came from Germany and participated. Great!

I hope you enjoyed the Porsche Rally event that runs around Mt. Fuji with Porsche 911 and the scenery and culture of Japan.

The last time he gave a speech, he said "It was Amazing Moment", which made me very happy ^^

In addition, a lottery to win various products will continue to be held.

Products from sponsors (Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance, Bridgestone, Michelin, Swans, Museo Gotemba, Marriott Hotel, Tokyo Prince, Twizel, Bang & Olufsen, CHAMPAGNE CARBON, each EBI Group Porsche Center) And many more.

At the end, there was a greeting from the CEO of EBI Marketing, but I was impressed (tears).

This Porsche the Rally.

I think this decision to "do it again" and the preparation and operation were really difficult. There must have been various feelings from various people during the preparation stage.

However, I was only grateful to be able to hold the second Porsche Rally again and to experience the wonderful Amazing Moment again.

I think the other entrants were all entertained with really nice smiles from beginning to end.

Porsche the Rally, the last impression

By the way, after the completion ceremony was successfully completed, the rest was to be dissolved.

I think that there were many people who left Tokyo Prince as it was, but because we had personal errands, we did not return immediately, and after greeting everyone after the dissolution, we went to Tokyo Prince Hotel as it was. I was stopping by.

By the time I finally got home after finishing my errands, it was pitch black. The entrant Porsche and others are gone, and the parking lot is rattle.

Somehow the person who manages Porsche? What? Are you still here? I saw a figure I thought, but it's been a long time since the end, so I was thinking of leaving quietly.

But ... when I start the engine ... In the quiet parking lot of the Tokyo Prince Hotel, the engine sound of Porsche 911 GT3 "Dogoon" echoes. Stop it ~. I want to go home quietly!

If you think ...

Hearing the engine sound of this GT3, the people who run Porsche came and guided me (Do you know the two people who have something like a lightsaber?) ↓

I'm too sorry ... And I was impressed by the response (tears). I'm really sorry, I was late without permission.

If you go to the parking lot exit with your guidance ...

Whaaaaaaaat! !! !! Please see.

It's been a long time since the dissolution before the exit, but the management members have sent me off until the very end. Do you see a lot of people? It's a great number of people.

You will cry this already. I was too impressed. Thank you very much (tears).

Really, while being impressed until the very end, after finishing Porsche the Rally 2019, I left the parking lot of Tokyo Prince Hotel ... "Oh, this is really over".

Even at the last traffic light leaving the premises of the Tokyo Prince Hotel, at the last minute, the person who was always indebted to me sent me off.

I was really happy with this situation (tears).

"We will hold another rally!", From the time when the recruitment of the second rally participants started to "Thank you for your hard work!"

The moment when the "from the beginning to the end" with the people involved in the operation became nostalgic in an instant.

At the second Porsche the Rally in 2019, I had a lot of emotional and enjoyable experiences.

After that, I arrived at my home safely from the Tokyo Prince Hotel.

Thanks also to the Porsche 911 GT3. I had a lot of fun "experiences with Porsche 911".

Then, finally, I would like to write a summary about the souvenirs I received this time and finish the blog about Porsche Rally 2019.

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