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Taycan Cross Turismo sets Guinness World Records with the largest altitude difference movement as an electric vehicle

Posted: January 12, 2022 Updated:

Moves from 540.8m below sea level to an altitude of 4,842.967m

JF Musial and his team are people who usually make movies and TV shows related to automobiles.

It seems that this team has taken on a new challenge this time, which is "Running from deep underground to the top of a high mountain with Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo".

In other words, the challenge of height difference.

Travel a vertical distance of about 5 kilometers (or up and down) from the "lowest point" to the "highest point (one)" that can be reached by car in the United States in 33 hours and 48 minutes. ^^?) He said he tried to do it, and the distance traveled to achieve it was 2,250 kilometers ... During that time, he stopped the car only when people and the car were charging.

I thought it was amazing when I wrote ..., but no, wait.

The other day, I also ran Hokkaido with my husband (I will write this time), but since the two drivers ran 2,100 km in 40 hours, we are also amazing. Then? I thought (laughs). There wasn't much difference in elevation, but ~ ^^

The story has changed.

The driving force behind why this team decided to do something like this is "curiosity", so I don't know.

After all, as a person who ran 2,100 kilometers in 40 hours, I really feel that "curiosity" and "playfulness" will be the biggest driving force for various things ^ ^

Eagle Mine, Michigan

The lowest point in the United States is Badwater Basin in Death Valley, located 86 meters above sea level.

Teams that want to start deeper than here will head underground. That is Eagle Mine in Michigan.

The "lowest point that can be reached by car" they aimed for in this challenge was deep underground in nickel and copper mines, usually going underground down the ramps used by dedicated mining vehicles.

The Taycan Cross Turismo is a four-wheel drive fully electric vehicle that meets the mine's standards of being able to raise the vehicle height and handle off-road vehicles, so that it can get off this ramp and enter the tunnel itself.

After rigorous safety training, the team was granted access to a depth of 540.8 meters below sea level, the deepest part of the excavation site, and ran the Taycan Cross Turismo to that depth.

Pikes Peak, Colorado

After leaving the mine, Taycan continued to the "highest place".

That place is Pikes Peak, Colorado. The summit is 4,302 meters.

As some of you may have heard of the name, this Pikes Peak is famous for the 100th hill climb this year.

Taycan continued to run from the bottom of the mine, never leaving the ground, and this time he decided to climb 4,842.967 meters from there.

This trip will be driven by three groups of drivers working together, monitoring routes and altitude with an analog altimeter and a separately sealed GPS device to meet the requirements, as recognized by the Guinness World Records. He said he proceeded.

It seems that it was difficult due to weather problems such as snow.

It was the Japanese who drove Pikes Peak

And then what!

The driver who ran the Taycan to the top of the last Pikes Peak is a Japanese.

That is Daijiro Yoshihara, the class winner of the 2020 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

It seems that the weather in the mountains at this time was terrible snow, but miraculously it was possible to reach the summit through the interval, and it seems that the record was successfully achieved.

Both the Taycan Cross Turismo and the team feel like they have it ^^!

Even so, isn't the Taycan standing deep underground too cool?

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo that ran through a great height difference with standard road tires without modifying the car in particular. I'm glad I was certified as a Guinness World Record.

Speaking of which, there was no such episode as "I was in trouble with the place to charge", but was there any problem in that area?

Anyway, thank you to everyone on the team ^^

Source:(Official) Three miles up: team sets extraordinary new altitude record

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