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Tesla's Cybertruck competes with Porsche while towing Porsche 911

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Porsche is 992.1 Carrera T

Deliveries of Tesla's Cybertruck have finally begun, and Tesla is being talked about a lot on car-related news sites, especially in the United States.

As for the content, there are many things like that, where the price was originally said to be less than 40,000 dollars, but it actually starts at 60,990 dollars, but what is even more talked about is Tesla. One video released by.

That is a video of ``drag racing a Cybertruck and a Porsche''.

A Cybertruck in the back, and a green Porsche 911 in the foreground.

Regarding Porsche, there has been no announcement as to what model it is, so we cannot say for sure, but judging from its shape, it is clearly a 992.1 Porsche 911.

Furthermore, since the wheels and side mirrors appear to be intentionally gray, it is said that the Porsche used here may be a Carrera T.

This is because the slowest combination of the 992.1 911 models is the ``Carrera T MT car.'' Well, it's a bit strange when you say it like that (lol).

Well, Tesla wants to create something that ``beats the 911,'' so it is said that they chose the slowest model of the 911.


The next scene shows that Tesla probably wouldn't have had to go so far as to choose a manual transmission version of the Carrera T.

Because, look, a Cybertruck is towing something!

Yes, the Cybertruck that was drag racing was towing the same Carrera T (we think it was a car) as its racing partner.

Still, it was a comfortable victory. If anything, the Porsche being towed and the Porsche racing ended at the same time.

Ah, I see. The 911 Carrera TxMT is the slowest combination for running, and the lightest combination for towing, so is it the most convenient?

It's well thought out ^^

No, no, more than that, I really like the way he drag-raced the 911 with the 911, and the way it was shown in the video (lol).

For me, Tesla's marketing always doesn't matter even if the content is that Porsche is losing.

Here is the video (0:40)↓

Tesla X
Watch The Tesla Cybertruck Beat A Porsche 911 In A Drag Race While Towing A 911

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