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September 29, 2022 Porsche listing

Porsche went public on September 29, 2022.

If September 11th was actually a weekday, I think it was aimed at that, but is it because September 11th was a Sunday this year? It was listed on September 29th (I wonder if that's the case ^^?).

From left, Mr. Lutz Meschke, Mr. Oliver Blume, Mr. Arno Antlitz

For the time being, the details regarding the listing are posted on other news sites, etc., so I hope you can see them.

According to the official announcement of Porsche AG, this IPO is the largest in Europe in terms of market capitalization.

Porsche's stock code is P911

This ticker symbol caught my eye more than anything else.

The ticker symbol/trading symbol is "P911". The German stock code (WKN) is "PAG911" (ISIN "DE000PAG9113").

I really like the detail that this symbol has 911 in it ^^

Even so, I've never seen a photo of everyone on the day of the listing, and it's a smile.

I think it was a long road in various ways, but for the time being, congratulations on the Porsche IPO.

It made me smile to see Oliver and the others enjoying themselves ^^

Source:(Official) Porsche enters a new era with successful IPO

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