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The Porsche 911 (992) cup holder can also hold the L size of the Mac

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Overwhelming ease of use compared to 991

The Porsche 911 looks and performs very well, and I really love the 911 so much that I have no complaints about it ... I thought, but with the 991 type Carrera, I was quite dissatisfied with the cup holder. I will.

Well, there may be an opinion that you do not have to stick to the cup holder because it is a sports car, but Porsche officially says that the 911 can go to the supermarket, so after all the cup When you need a holder, I'd like it to be easy to use.

Because this is this, this. 991 cup holder.

With this 991.2 cup holder, even if you put a 500 ml PET bottle, it is held at the bottom of the bottle, so it almost never falls, but it feels like it is not stable, so I am scared. Not very usable.* It seems that it did not fall even if I ran at 250 km / h ^ ^

Furthermore, if it is a paper cup like coffee instead of a PET bottle, even if it is a little less than M size in McDonald's, it is scary and scary because only the lower part of the cup is held in this way.

Therefore, when I am alone, I rarely use a cup holder with the 991 Carrera.

So what is the usability of the cup holder on the new Porsche 911 Carrera?

So I tried it ^^

McDonald's L size drink

Yes, here is the one I tried!

This is a McDonald's L size drink that I often eat because I love fast food.

Sometimes people ask me, "Well, do you eat McDonald's in Porsche?", But I've eaten it ^^

I'm trying not to spill it (sometimes I spill it ... (laughs)) ← I'm cleaning it up at the end! !!

Now, let's put McDonald's L size drink in the cup holder in this center.

This is a shape that seems to have a sense of stability, so I wonder if there is any problem.

Yes Yes, it was held perfectly.

You'll feel like pushing it in a little, but it's still not strong enough to crush the cup, and if you put it in the other way, it won't rattle, so you can leave it while driving with confidence.

It feels like pulling out a little when taking it.

Next, I examined the second cup holder in the passenger seat.

UU. Those who are scared of this one. What will happen?

When you press the place where the cup holder is stored, the cup holder will pop out from inside like this.

Let's put it down.

L size of Mac. Gokuri. Oh, I didn't drink it (laughs).

Anyway, I will try it with excitement. What will happen? After all, only the lower part of the cup is held and there is no sense of stability? ?? ??

Now! !!

Oh oh.

very! This is quite stable! !! !! It is held perfectly.

Again, it's McDonald's L size, L size. Even so, this sense of stability.

In fact, after that, I was driving with the cup in the cup holder, but it was stable enough to not bother me at all. 992 cup holders are amazing!

McDonald's M size drink


Don't you ask for a large size set at McDonald's? Is that so? Do you guys have a lot of M size? ??


Let's take a look at the M size (too much eating ^^).

This is when I put the M size drink of Mac in the center cup holder. Yeah, it fits perfectly ↓

And here is when I put the M size in the cup holder on the passenger seat side.

This is also a perfect sense of stability.

Even with Porsche 911, I found that with the 992 type, you can put drinks in paper cups in the cup holder with great peace of mind.

From now on, it seems okay to take out coffee or something when you are alone in the car. It may be nice ~.

It was a 911 that became 992 type and the dissatisfaction with the cup holder disappeared, and it became easier to use ^ ^

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