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Porsche 911 cup holder ... Coffee spilled ~ (tears)

Posted: April 5, 2019 Updated:

Is the Porsche 911 cup holder difficult to use?

Porsche 911 (late 991) cup holder ... I love Porsche 911 and I like all of them ... but hmm, I can't lie!

Yes, this 911 cup holder is the only one I'm afraid to use and hesitate to use it.

In the narrow gap above the dashboard, ↓ two cup holders fit in this way.

It's a type that pops out when you press it, and if it's a small size (for example, the S size of McShake that children love), I feel that I can hold it without problems, but it's a little big ... , I don't feel like I can rest assured that this cup holder is even from the tall size of Starbucks.

In my case, for example, Starbucks only asks for Venti size, so it's too scary to put in the 911 cup holder ...

Besides having a 500ml PET bottle. Of course, I haven't left it, but it's too unstable, so I don't use the cup holder when I'm alone in the car (= I'm driving alone). I was doing it. I only use it when I'm in the passenger seat or someone is in the passenger seat.

Only! today. I remembered that I was driving by car until I was out, but I just had coffee in my hand when I got home.

It's done! !! !! However, I still had about 3/4 cup of coffee, so I couldn't drink it all at once.

"Well, it's not full up to the top of the cup, it's about 3/4 of the amount, so it's okay if you hold the cup holder firmly," he said for the first time with his own 911 coffee. I decided to put it in the cup holder and drive it.

The coffee in the cup holder leaked ...

And the result. Wow.

It's leaking from a very small mouthpiece (laughs).

No, I'm bad.

Even though I put coffee in the cup holder and swore "I have coffee today, so drive slowly!" ... When I left the parking lot where the car was parked, I found Mr. Urakan parked. .. I had never seen a Lamborghini in this parking lot, so I thought that Lamborghini wouldn't fit in.

Nevertheless. When I saw Mr. Urakan for the first time, I was deeply moved by saying, "Well, I'm going to enter this parking lot !!" About a minute later, I had completely forgotten the existence of coffee and drove normally and comfortably with "911 is the best" ^^.

Hah. I didn't mean to drive that much, but the overflowing coffee flew to the passenger seat ↓ (What kind of driving (laughs). No, I thought I was running normally. But it's strange ... Well, it's far from a beautiful driving like Takumi Fujiwara who doesn't spill water ^^).

For the time being, I always have wet wipes, paper, and microfiber cloth on the dashboard of the car in case of such a situation (?), So I immediately cleaned it with wet wipes.

And, for the time being, hold the coffee cup again with the mouth up.

In fact, regarding this Porsche 911 cup holder problem, I see various talks such as "I am using an optional cup holder" even when I look at overseas bulletin boards. For example, I put something like this on the passenger side ↓

For the time being, I decided to stop putting coffee and other drinks in the cup holder when I was driving alone, as usual.

I quickly forget to put the drink in the cup holder & I drive as I like when I'm alone, so I can't be careful about the drink in the cup holder at all, so in my case it's really no good ( smile).

The cup holder from the new Porsche 911 (992) will be more stableSo I'm looking forward to it ^^

Encounter a sniper car in Tokyo?

and! After noticing that the coffee was spilling and panicking, "Hey, why!", I suddenly saw the car in front of me and said "Yes, why!"

Because the car I was in front of is here ↓!

Eh ~! !! Isn't this completely "shot" (laughs)? !!

Where are we? !! It's in Tokyo, Japan, right? ?? Why is such a sniper-like car body running? I'm scared (laughs)! !! What happened to this car ...

Ah, it was a shocking 911 drive.

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