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Porsche 911 GT2 RS or Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, which is faster

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Drag racing with GT2 RS and Aventador SVJ

On April 5, 2021 on the You Tube channelDaniel AbtThe video uploaded to was to drag race the Porsche 911 GT2 RS and the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

There are two types, a start from a stationary state and a rolling start.

These two are exactly the same combination as the two I met the other day.

At this time →Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and 992

Because of that, I thought I might want to know the result for a while ^^

After all it is super cool Porsche 911 GT2 RS.Known as a widow makerAbout one.

And here is the Aventador SVJ. I have a bad look (a compliment)! !! This is also too cool! !!

The figure below compares the specifications of these two units.

The SVJ has a V12 cylinder and more horsepower, but the GT2 RS has more torque and lighter weight.

First of all, each car tries to start the engine before the start, but when SVJ steps on the accelerator (with both cars stopped), the driver in the next GT2 RS car says "(SVJ) steps on the accelerator. My knees vibrate every time! "

It would have been a terrible sound if I was there ~ ^^

Now, the drivers are already motivated, and each of them believes that they will win and the drag race starts.

I'm thrilled too.

The GT2 RS also made a sound with the accelerator fully open before the start, and it felt like the launch control was ready.

Hmm? But does the waiting time before launch go up to 7,000 rpm?

So start! !! have become.

The first one to come out was SVJ.



The difference will keep up! !! !!

GT2 RS, late! !! !!

In the picture, it looks like the GT2 RS is just separated from the SVJ, but as you can see from the video, the GT2 RS at this time actually "did not work". It is.

Even if it says "Start!", Only Porsche is said to have stopped at the start line.

This was a complete human error, and although the GT2 RS driver had the accelerator fully open, the essential shift remained in P. No, it never goes on (laughs).

So, repartition.

Put the shift in the drive, and this time the launch control start Ready. It will be in a standby state at 5,000 rpm.

3, 2, 1, start! !!

It became, but that ~. GT2 RS that will be left in SVJ again.

After all, is SVJ faster after all?

The result at this time is as follows.

SVJ is 0-100km at 3.21 seconds ...

GT2 RS is 3.8 seconds.

However, at 0-200km, GT2RS was faster, and I was catching up so much that I thought that I would actually catch SVJ at the end.

And, as you can see if you watch the video for the second time, the rear wheels of GT2 RS had a wheel spin at the first start, and I felt that it was delayed by that amount. ..

By doing the first race (actually the second time), he said, "I think the tires have already warmed up, so it's okay next time!" Only once.


In this final race, it was said that the wheel spun only a little, but the Porsche 911 GT2 RS succeeded in launch control start with a good feeling.

As long as the start was done without any problems, it was a victory that could be said to be an easy victory by pulling away the SVJ in no time.

This is the true power of GT2 RS! !! !!

As a result, GT2 RS is 0-100km in 3.16 seconds.

The result of SVJ is 0-100km 3.39 seconds.

After that, I also raced at the rolling start, but the result at that time was also the victory of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

Since both cars are in perfect condition and the result will change so much depending on whether or not you can make a perfect start, various drag racing videos have been released, but it seems to be quite difficult to make it accurate. I thought about it and saw it.

But anyway, when the conditions are in order, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS showed overwhelming strength, which makes me very happy and I fall in love with it.

Suddenly Porsche did not move, it was a little fun video ^ ^

It's a video at 11:52, so if you have time, please come ↓

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