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Bring back the Porsche 911 full of ion deposits that seems to have been made by well water

Posted: September 29, 2021 Updated:

Even if I wash the black carrera, it's dirty. It's my first experience that dirt like water stains doesn't come off at all.

The other day at the gymkhana field of Tsukuba Circuit from morning till eveningLet me do a steady circular turnI had a very meaningful and very enjoyable day.

Whenever I participated in such a driving lesson, plenty of water was sprinkled on the plaza, and the car was sloppy to continue driving on it.

At the end of the lesson, the black carrera will be white.

Normally, even if such a situation occurs, if I wash the car within a few days, my black carrera, which has been glass-coated, just needs to be washed with water, and it returns to the smooth, shiny black 911. rice field.

Therefore, I believed that if I wash the car again this time, it will be beautiful again.

On the day I did the steady circle this time, I had already returned home around 19:30, so I parked my car in the underground parking lot and finished that day.

The next day, I left it in the underground parking lot, and the next day (that is, two days after the day I ran), I went straight from the underground parking lot to the car wash and washed it with water as usual.

... but that. It won't fall.

Dirt does not come off at all. This state after washing the car ↓

At the end of June 2021 (that is, about 3 months ago)I just had the glass coating done againSo, I couldn't understand the situation in front of Carrera, who couldn't get rid of any dirt even after washing.

Such scale-like water stains are tightly attached to the body and can not be removed at all ↓

Not only that, it doesn't clean the wheels.

The wheels were also recoated at the end of June, but there are some areas where dirt can be removed quickly and some areas where it cannot be removed at all.

Is it easy to understand here? If you wash it with the same force and in the same way, you can easily remove the dirt as usual and the part that cannot be removed at all.

what's this. ↓

Here is a video of actually washing the wheels. In the video, it seems that it is not even wet, but it is in a situation where it is washed with plenty of water.

Normally, if you rub this much, the coated wheel will get dirty, but it will not be removed at all ↓

Anyway, even if you wash the car body, wheels, and everywhere, the car will be dirty.

I don't know what to do, so I went straight to the Porsche Center from the car wash and consulted.

I really don't know what to do.

At this time, at the Porsche Center, I used some of the solvents that were there to polish the body, but after all they did not remove the dirt at all.

After all, via the Porsche Center, "everything (dirt) is re-polished and recoated, and the stone guard is reattached".

Even so, even though I had just received a glass coating, I was reluctant to take it again and start over.

Of course, I thought it was a waste of money, and more than that, I said, "If this happens every time I participate in a driving lesson in the future, will I have to polish → recoat each time ?!" Because I had a question.

From here, anyway, the time to get advice from Porsche owners on what to do and to devote themselves to investigating the cause has begun.

Anyway, as time goes by, anxiety such as "Maybe the black carrera will not return to a beautiful state anymore" begins to disappear, and the emotions become more and more unstable, so I am in a hurry when I get advice from everyone. I think that you may have been busy, but you have been listening to various things on your own.

I'm really sorry if you're rude. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize. I was already full of desire to help Black Carrera and me.

After receiving various advice, I placed an order for a certain "one solvent" that I was taught.

It takes only one day for the solvent to arrive, and even in this one day, it's hard to think that the dirt on the carrera may harden and penetrate more during this time.

At the Porsche Center, I remember hearing that the dirt was gradually removed by rubbing the wheels with a parts cleaner, so I decided to do what I could to polish the wheels.

Just a little while agoWhen polishing the brake rotorBecause there was a parts cleaner used for ↓

But this was a really hard task. Dirt does not come off easily at all.

It feels like putting on a parts cleaner and moving forward little by little in every few millimeters.

Even so, the details remain, and if I wanted to get rid of Carrera quickly and worked without gloves, thinking only about what was in front of me, even the manicure would be melted more and more with the parts cleaner. , It's already ugly with my fingers.

It was getting darker and darker, and I couldn't get rid of the dirt, and the work was so endless that I really wanted to cry.

It's hard and painful to think that Mr. Black Carrera will remain dirty all the time, and I'm sorry for Carrera.

Every time I see such a dirty carrera, my heart hurts, and I feel uncomfortable when I take it easy.

On the bed in the intensive care unit, I was sitting next to the bed of Black Carrera who was told "Tonight is the pass" and crying "Don't die, Black Carrera !!" ..

picture? Are you crazy?

No, really, but that was the feeling. I've always been thinking, "Come back, Mr. Black Carrera !!!"

Carpicism Stain & Scale Cleaner

... and! !! The next day.

It arrived, the savior.

This solvent was taught by the Porsche owner. That is Carpicism's "Stain & Scale Cleaner". It can be purchased online at Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon, etc.

It is an acidic cleaner.

The Porsche owner who taught me about this product said, like me, "I use this when a similar ion deposit-like stain is formed on the glass-coated Porsche 911."

Therefore, my expectation is that the 911 can be restored to its original state while leaving the glass coating.

I thought that there might be a problem in the same situation as me, so I would like to write about my experience and construction results this time, but this product is "acidic" and very it's dangerous.

Please be sure to wear "gloves and mask" when using. Also, when you put it in the car, wipe it off as soon as possible, and at the end, flush it with plenty of water. I will do it.

If you don't, you may hurt your car or your skin.

How to use Carpicism Stain & Scale Cleaner

Then, I would like to use this Carpicaism's stain cleaner to clean the black carrera.

A brief description of how to use the Stain & Scale Cleaner:

  • Use for a dry body (but before that, wash the car and save any dirt that can be removed, such as dust)
  • Apply a few drops of stain and scale cleaner to the cloth and apply it to each 30 cm square of the car.
  • Wipe the area with the cleaner dry with a clean cloth.
  • Wipe with a different cloth
  • Repeat this and construct all the dirty parts
  • Finally, wash the car with plenty of water and wash the whole thing.


Here is a video that I used as a reference for the construction method, so if you check it before construction, I think it's okay to understand that "Oh, I wonder if I'll do it like this" ↓


Let's take a look at the process of cleaning the black carrera.

This time, I worked with my husband's help. Since I did the work indoors, I couldn't judge whether the stains had disappeared unless I applied the light to the body, so I illuminated the body with the light and my husband actually wiped it off. ..

First of all, in order to check if it is okay to use this acidic cleaner on the body of your car, first apply a little cleaner to the inconspicuous place and see how it looks.

This time, I tried it around the front of the left rear tire.

I will apply an acidic cleaner.

After that, wipe it dry in almost no time ... and this is it. Oh oh. The black glow is back! !! !! It's persistent, but it didn't happen at all when washed with water, and it remained pure white.

Furthermore, I sprayed this cleaner & dry wiped part with water and waited a little longer to see the situation, but it seemed that there was no particular problem, so I will proceed with the work little by little ↓

At first, I wasn't used to it, so I couldn't get a "just right feeling" such as using too few cleaners. ..

Still, it's not that sloppy.

As I move forward, it's amazing!

The green bucket that was placed in front of the car began to be reflected beautifully on the body ↓

As you get used to it, you will know the appropriate amount to apply the acid cleaner, and you will become accustomed to gradually applying the cleaner in a few tens of centimeters square, with a vertical and horizontal feel, so that you can finish it quite beautifully. ..

Already, about half of the door has become like a mirror surface ↓

The line visible around the yellow arrow is the boundary of the stone guard, but you can see that the top of the stone guard is also perfectly clean ↓

However, in fact, the part near the door handle seemed to have more stains, and while I thought "It's clean!" After cleaning, wiping with dry water, and wiping with water, the body gets dry. And, like this, the scale-like ion deposit was still emerging ↓

So, first I cleaned the whole car once, then checked the whole car again, and used a cleaner again to clean the part with stain residue like this.

Furthermore, it was said that aluminum wheels can be used as long as they have a clear coat, so when I tried to clean them in the same way with this cleaner, ah, I was almost crying yesterday. It was like a lie that I was polishing, and when I did it, it became beautiful ↓

For the time being, all the dirt on the body was removed (I think) and all the wheels were cleaned, so the rest is the final overall car wash.

Originally I wanted to wash the car with a neutral detergent, but I didn't have time to go buy a car shampoo on that day, so I washed it with plenty of water.

Anyway, the purpose is to wash away the "acid" attached to the body.

And ... completed!

It looks like this from the side.

Ah ah, unlike yesterday's tears, this time I'm happy tears. The wheels are shiny and the body is shiny black.

Yesterday, when I was crying in the intensive care unit, seems to be a lie (No, I don't have an ICU (laughs)).

By the time this car wash was over, it was already midnight, but it was still bright in front of me, and I could only see a happy future. I'm so simple ^^.

So, I think that the black carrera returned to a shiny result with great satisfaction, but after all, it was "under the underground light" that I was still confirming on this day.

Therefore, the next morning, I want to check if there is any dirt left under the sunlight, so I check the black carrera under the sunlight from the morning.

Yeah, at first glance, I feel like it's a shiny carrera as usual. Impressed. I'm too happy.

The insanely dirty side is also beautiful and the surroundings are sunk.

It may look dirty because it's asphalt, but it's actually shiny and beautiful! ↓

Once again, take a look at Carrera's situation when the dirt did not come off at all after the first car wash this time.

It was like this ↓

Even if I touch it, it feels like it's "smooth" because the dirt has already stuck to it completely.

It was ... like this. It looks like a lie! Even if you touch it, it's slippery ↓

From my point of view as an amateur, it seems that the glass coating is probably left, but I would like to reconfirm that area again by looking at how water drips on a rainy day.

The black carrera seems to have been completely revived, but even though it looks like this mirror-finished beautiful body, there was still some leftovers when looking closely.

Large round white spots around this yellow arrow. Unfortunately, there is no sign that these can be taken at all, and I think they are leftovers of ion deposits.

The other small points are that the color of the car body is a metallic color called Jet Black Metallic, so it is not a stain just because the metallic glitter is reflected.

This is the rear part.

It looks like a mirror, and it looks so beautiful that the surroundings are sunk, but when you actually see it, there are still one or two, and the dirt that seems to have run off the dots of the ion deposit in a line is not removed. It was.

So, then:

  • Clean the unremoved dirt with an acid cleaner again.
  • I couldn't buy a window cleaner, so I bought one to clean the glass.
  • Buy car shampoo and wash the whole car again

I want to.

In addition, I would like to report when they are completed, but for the time being I would like to tell you that Black Carrera has revived so beautifully.

If you are in trouble, please do your best without giving up!

Oh yeah, I'd like to write it again next time, but this time I'm sad that Carrera has become dirty like this, but that doesn't mean I regret participating in a drive lesson that makes a steady circular turn. was.

In the future, I will never think that I will not participate anymore because it will be dirty.

I understand that even if it is coated, it can get dirty, and I also participate in these lessons at my own risk.

However, I still want to get the dirty Carrera back, and I want to participate with peace of mind thinking that I can get it back clean again, so I did a lot of research this time.

Continued→ "The water for watering at Tsukuba Circuit was well water: Ion deposit measures』\

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