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Cars getting bigger and bigger ...

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Cars tend to be longer, taller and wider than they used to be

Before, when I parked my Porsche 911 (late 991 model) and Porsche 911 964 model side by side, I was surprised at the difference in size.

Compared to the previous Porsche 911, the current Porsche 911 is so big! What?

As a matter of fact, not only Porsche but also models of various manufacturers seem to be getting bigger and bigger.

Source: Ever-growing cars: why they keep on getting wider

Below, I would like to take a quick look.

Volkswagen's Polo is now a bigger car than the 1974 golf.

This photo is a comparison of VW Golf left: MK1 (1974) and right: MK7 (2012) ↓

Why cars are getting bigger

It is said that one of the reasons why cars are getting bigger is that they need to comply with the current strict regulations of impact testing.

In order to pass the impact test from the side or from the roof, a considerable size of the car body is required.

Another reason is that "human beings themselves are getting bigger" ^^ After the war, people became able to take in healthier nutrition, and junk foods made people themselves Because it has grown.

For those who have grown a little "longer" for impact test measures, if the car becomes a little "higher", it is strange that the "width" must be widened, and as a result, the width of the car has also increased. It says that, well, most cars are becoming unnecessarily wide.

While the cars are getting bigger, the roads aren't widening, so in the UK there was a traffic jam caused by the Bentley Continental GT and Range Rover not being able to separate on the open road, and by the time the traffic was cleared. It seems that there are many traffic conditions that take 20 minutes every day.

Comparison of old and current car sizes

The VW Golf MK7 has a width of 1,779 mm, which is not much different from the 1973 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer (width 1,830 mm).

This is Ferrari now and in the past. BB5121 (1973, width 1,830 mm) on the left, 812 Superfast (2017, width 1,971 mm) on the right ↓

The current Mini hatchback is only one inch narrower than the 1997 Porsche 911 (996) Carrera. Wider than the 1973 Porsche 911 RS.

The mini in this photo is ADO15 (1959, width 1,397 mm) on the left and F56 (2013, width 1,727 mm) on the right ↓


This is a comparison with the Mazda Roadster. The left is NA (1989, width 1,675 mm), the right is ND (2014, width 1,720 mm) ↓

This is Lamborghini. LP400 (1974, width 1,890 mm) on the left, Aventador (2012, width 2,030 mm) on the right ↓

Porsche size is also getting bigger

Regarding Porsche, in the original 1963 model of Porsche 911, the vehicle width was 1,610 mm, but in the current latest Porsche 911 (992 type), the vehicle width is 1,852 mm.

The 1975 Porsche 911 Turbo was 105mm narrower than the 2013 Porsche 991. See this table for details ↓

The bigger the car, the higher the price

The larger the car, the higher the cost associated with the price of the vehicle itself.

Purely, iron, plastic, glass, paint, etc. are added little by little, and by adding width etc., various things such as dashboard, crash structure, wheels, tires, suspension arms, etc. Affects = additional costs will be added.

The table below shows the past and present heights and widths of the above vehicles. Looking at it like this, the cars are really getting bigger and bigger ~ ↓

Porsche 911, I personally hope that it will not grow anymore ... ^ ^

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