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Porsche service that makes your Porsche art

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Your own Porsche art created from the VIN number

Wow! !! I want this! !! !!

There is a service announced by Porsche Digital, a subsidiary of Porsche AG (I wonder if that is the case), but what is it?

  • VIN number
  • Configurator code (Porsche code)

Therefore, it recognizes those car bodies and creates art with those car bodies.

In other words, if you are a Porsche owner and you have a VIN number of your car, you can enter it and the car that is exactly the same as your car will be displayed as art, and even if it is not your car, it is a dream made with a configurator Even in Porsche, if you enter the configurator code, the art of the car will be completed.

What is that? The best.

Try to make your own Porsche art

If you get to know such a service, you'll be making it right away!

Go to the site ... Enter the VIN number of your beloved Black Carrera. Then ... oh oh. It came out! !! !!

Look, look, look! !! A black carrera with exactly the same specifications as my black carrera is on the screen! !!

No, it's read by the VIN number, so it's natural that it has exactly the same specifications as my car, but I'm still impressed! !! !!

Next, you will see some artworks using your Porsche that were projected.

As of December 2021, there were 6 types of designs (composition / art) to choose from. It is as follows.

I'm already very excited, so I'll show you the 992 Crayon Cabriolet first.


Oh, it came out. The same Porsche 911 Cabriolet as myself!

That's why it's natural, but I'm really happy ^^

It looks like this when it comes to art works.

picture? Another one?

That's right, I'm already doing it. Because, if you have a VIN number, you can put out your own car in the past.

So, this is also the past favorite Porsche 911 GT3. I wanted to meet you ~.

Why can I get so excited just by showing my car on the screen (laughs)?

I'm so happy that I'm so happy.

Porsche art size can be selected from 3 types

After selecting the design of the work of art you want to make, you will be taken to the screen where you can select the size of the work.

At the moment there are three sizes.

The smallest is 20x30 cm. Since it will show an image of the art placed in front of the tire part of the actual car, you can imagine how big it is ↓

The other is the same 20x30cm size, but with a support like a photo frame behind the art.

At the bottom right of the tire image, there is a small photo of the back side of the art ↓

The second size is 40x60 cm.

And the biggest size is here 60x90cm. Still, the price is 469 euros (about 60,000 yen).

The portraits of these works of art are said to be printed on a thin aluminum plate with a glossy surface.

Porsche that can be created from the VIN number is from the car of the model after 2016 (as of December 2021).

No shipping to Japan!

So far, I was so excited that I was so excited by myself that I would definitely buy this, but from there I went to the bottom of the abyss.

Because, it seems that this Porsche VIN art is still sold only in Germany at present, and it will not be shipped overseas.

Such a ~ (crying)!


Yeah, but actually, it's based on the VIN number, so the specifications are exactly the same! Although I wrote that, in fact, both black carrera and 992 are actually right-hand drive, but I feel that it is on the left in the art, GT3 was PCCB, but the caliper seems to look red. NS?

Well, I wonder if it is not completely reflected yet (laugh) → Especially since it is only shipped within Germany, I feel that the figure of the right-hand drive does not appear in the first place at this time.

Anyway, I think that such a service will surely resonate with Porsche lovers, and I hope that the service will be expanded to countries all over the world.

The site is still in German only, but if you want to see the art with your own VIN number (or Porsche code), you can do it from the following site, so please do ~ ^ ^

VIN art ordering site: The VIN Art 

Source: (Official) The individual car of your dreams as an art print

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