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Porsches on display at tennis and golf tournaments

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Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

A while ago I read an article about the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, and when I looked at the photos in it, there was one thing that caught my attention.

Are the Porsches on display beside the court the real deal?

Even when you zoom in, it doesn't look like the video or photo, and I don't think they would go to the trouble of preparing a mock-up the size of a full-sized car.

So are they real? But there doesn't seem to be any acrylic or netting in front of the cars?

What would happen if the tennis ball were to fly towards the car?

I thought to myself, "If the ball person has a racket or something, wouldn't they have to hit it back if it came flying at them?"

If it were me, I would probably be thinking, "I hope the ball doesn't fly into the Porsche," and wouldn't be able to concentrate on watching the game (laughs).

Porsche Singapore Classic

Next up is golf.

When you hit your first shot, there will be tee markers on either side of where you hit, but at the Porsche-sponsored golf tournament, these were replaced with miniature Porsche cars.


While watching the news about the Porsche Singapore Classic held in Singapore the other day, what caught my eye was the Porsches on display at the golf course.

It looks like a Taycan is reflected in the background.

It's floating!!

...But then I realized that he had done this display of floating a Porsche in a pond at this golf tournament several times in the past. It was a special skill.

But even with this, I find myself thinking about all sorts of useless things, like what if the ball flies and hits me with a loud bang, or what if the Taycan loses balance and starts to sink, even though I know the base isn't just floating.

The people playing tennis and golf there are professionals, so unlike when I play, there's no chance of a mistake like "Oh no, the ball flew towards the Porsche!"

By the way, the following photo was also released at the Porsche Singapore Classic held in Singapore the other day.

This is amazing. 20 Taycans.

There seemed to be other Porsche art on display as well, but the 20 Taycans were particularly impressive.

Sorry, this isn't about tennis or golf at all (lol).

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