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Software update to Porsche Taycan: All Taycans will look like 2023 models

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Porsche's proud full-electric vehicle, the Taycan, has already sold more than 75,000 units worldwide since it first appeared in the world at the end of 2019.

The Taycans that have already been sold, but with the software update announced by Porsche this time, various functions will become like the latest 2023 model Taycan.

Moreover. The Taycan that is the target of this software update is "all Taycans" regardless of the model year, power, and body type.

This is already the owner of Taycan GO to the software update in 2023! Isn't it ^^

e? No, is it a little scary to try Taycan with an unknown update that has just been announced?

Well, I feel like I can understand that feeling ... (What (laughs)). No, it's a 2023 software update prepared by Porsche!

2023 software update is "uPdate"

According to Porsche, the Taycan has been greatly optimized in every respect since its launch in 2019, so with this update, owners can enjoy the Taycan that is evolving in various aspects. And that.

By the way, this software update is said to be "uPdate" within Porsche. The update spelling "P" in update is emphasized.

It seems that this is because the letter "P" is attached to the model of the Taycan of the 2023 model year starting from July 2022. When pronouncing this "uP date", it's unclear whether it's usually an "update", an "appie date", or an "up date" (laughs).

It is said that the range of software updates to each Taycan, the required warehousing period, etc. will differ depending on the existing software status of each Taycan, and the older the car, the more new updates will be required. ..

This software update is free of charge and it has been announced by Porsche AG that it will be supported at each Porsche service center, but since it is unknown at this time what will happen in Japan, the owner should wait for the dealer to contact you. , I think it is good to contact us.

2023 Taycan Software Update Contents

The main things updated by this software update and the contents that Porsche is written are as follows:

Power train

* Improvements (updates) in this part apply only to MY20 and MY21 models. It has already been applied after that.

  • In the case of the all-wheel drive model, in the "normal" and "range" modes, the specifications have been changed so that the front electric motor is almost completely disconnected during low-load operation.
  • The front and rear axles are also released from the drive torque during coasting or stopping. This can reduce frictional resistance and extend the cruising range.
  • Since the all-wheel drive indicator will be displayed as an energy flow indicator on the central display, it will be easier to understand the operating status during driving.
  • It is also optimized for energy regeneration (eg, with automatic regeneration settings, the settings are retained even when the driver changes the drive mode).

Thermal management

  • By providing better condition for the battery, especially when the outside temperature is low, it enables quick charging at various battery charge levels (SoC).
  • For example, the waste heat from electrical parts is used to heat the battery.
  • These improvements will provide significantly better cruising range and shorter charging times for the MY20 and MY21 models.

Porsche Communication Management (PCM)

  • New features, a more colorful tile design on the Start screen, and even easier to use.
  • For models up to mid-February 2022, voice control optimization, Spotify app, and Android Auto will also be available wirelessly.
  • The MY21 model Taycan model with a head-up display will have a navigation map display that is even easier to see.
  • More content will be displayed on the PCM.
  • All models up to MY23 can use Taycan's manual (operation guide) with voice control.

Assistant system

  • Park Assist sensors work in a wider range.
  • In addition, finding a parking space has been improved, and even smaller spaces will be offered "Stop here?".

Unlock function (FoD)

  • If desired, it will be possible to add the function to open the Taycan door and tailgate keylessly even after purchasing the vehicle (Comfort Access).
  • The wireless update software called Over-the-air (OTA) will also be better for all model year Taycans.

Although there is a charge, it is now possible to retrofit a 22kW in-vehicle charger (excluding South Korea and Canada).

MY23 Taycan hardware changes

It is a different story from the software uPdate this time, and it is said that there are the following minor changes in hardware from the 2023 model Taycan:

Even so, I think that Taycan is amazing, such as being able to update the software to the same level as the 2023 model at once, or OTA.

The latest model full electric vehicle SUV coming outHowever, I wonder if it will become a new level in this way ~ ^ ^

(Official) 2023 model year software status for all Taycan variants
2023 Porsche Taycan Arrives With Updated User Interface, Spotify Integration And Wireless Android Auto

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