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Porsche Carrera GT further records the highest bid in the auction

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Update the previous record in no time

In early January, I wrote that the V10 Porsche Carrera GT was sold at a record high. → Porsche Carrera GT made a successful bid for a record high of about 219 million yen, but it seems to be still soaring

The winning bid at that time was 1.9 million dollars, so it was about 219 million yen in Japanese yen.

I was surprised that the bid was made for this amount of money, but at that time I was told, "But this winning bid may be updated soon."

What this means is that after the record-breaking 1.9 million dollar Carrera GT auction ended, and then the Carrera GT, which has a shorter mileage than this Carrera GT and is in very good condition, was auctioned. is.

I would like to see the Carrera GT that the auction has ended and the winning bid has been updated.

The color is silver. The original GT silver that was the basis of the so-called "GT silver".

Carrera GT winning bid is about 228 million yen

The winning bid for this Carrera GT is a surprising 2 million dollars. About 228 million yen.

It is said that the Carrera GT this time was a high price because it was almost a new car with a mileage of only 250 miles (about 402 km).

One of the reasons for the high price was that various other accessories were perfectly prepared.

Carrera GT is a super car that is insanely amazing, but for some reason it is playfulThere is storage in a place you do not understand well, or a bag comes with itAnd "What kind of use was the Carrera GT supposed to be?" It is a car that also has a side to wonder ^ ^

Both of the original keys are well stored.

Also, all the documents from the day the car was ordered.

This car is one of the Carrera GTs that have produced only 1,270 units.

Originally, the United States was delivered to Florida and then to Kansas.

Although it is a Carrera GT that has not been run at all, maintenance is still perfect, and in January 2021, the water pump, engine belt, spark plug, filter, battery were also newly replaced.

Of course, there is no accident history or failure history.

By the way, it seems that the purchase price of this Carrera GT at the time of the first new car was "448,300 dollars (about 51 million yen)".

The price of Carrera GT is soaring = I wonder if the value of this wonderful car called Carrera GT is being understood again in this era.

Does it feel like the times have finally caught up with the Carrera GT? picture? No ^^?

However, I also thought that I would like the Carrera GT that I thought about, and the Porsche Museum to keep it as new, and I want the Carrera GTs that come out to the general public to run as much as I want. It will be ^ ^

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