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A lot of Porsche 911 ... Porsche who met

Posted: October 18, 2018 Updated:

Porsche who passed each other in the city.

This white Porsche 911 Carrera. Oh oh. First of all, it was "Carrera T" suddenly! Carrera T's "TIs the T of "touring", isn't it? ↓

Next, I passed by Porsche of Speed Yellow, and when the tension rose a little ... ↓

Targa-san, who I don't usually meet. ↓

Is this Porsche 911 996? ↓ I love Porsche, but I often can not distinguish the car model (age) at a glance, so if you write something wrong, I would appreciate it if you could point it out ^ ^

I wonder if Porsche 911 has a 997 wing ... ↓

Next, Porsche 911 is air-cooled. ↓

Even if you look at it when it is bright, it still looks dignified.

I think that Porsche 911 is really nice because it is both cool and cute.

It's dark and I can't take a beautiful picture, but the black air-cooled Porsche nestled in the dark was wonderful with its taste and dignity.

Finally, the white Porsche 911 co-starred with Carrera of the 997 early model and Aston Martin V12 Vantage S. It was nice to line up in Black & White.

Whether I'm walking or driving, I always see the Porsche 911. Every time I see it, I'm happy!

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