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"2022 Porsche Rally": Part 5 2nd day lunch-goal

Posted: October 3, 2022 Updated:

Depart for Karuizawa

The rally is finally coming to an end, and this is the final blog for this rally.

After leaving Palcall Tsumagoi Resort, the next destination is Karuizawa.

I will run behind the Heritage Targa, which is so beautiful just by looking at it, in such a beautiful green that I can only think of the best word.

This road from Onioshi Highway to Karuizawa through Shiraito FallsA route that has been taken in previous rallies..

At the time of the previous rally, I was driving behind a turbo exclusive on this road. and this time,behind a Heritage Targa. It's nostalgic.

I found a shop called "Koishikawa" when I entered Ole-Karuizawa Ginza Street. Oooh.

This shop reminded me of my favorite Porsche Center Takanawa Koishikawa and made me happy just by looking at it.

Following Koishikawa, there was one more thing that made me even happier.

Well, people I knew came to support (?) the rally! ! I'm so happy~^^

I have experienced many people waving their hands from the roadside many times, but like this time, someone who knows me came to Karuizawa just in time for the rally.was the first time.

Before I arrived at Karuizawa, I received a message saying "I'll be waiting for you around here~", but at that time I was sitting in the passenger seat without looking at the normal navigation at all. Since I was heading to my destination, I couldn't judge where the actual place would pass from the top map.

Even so, the car keeps going, and I have to tell my husband, who is driving, the next route to go while looking at the frame map, and I can't help myself

"I don't know where I can meet you!"


So what happened was, for the time being, I abruptly sent the frame rally map part around Karuizawa and said, "I'm going to be there, a place somewhere like on this map!" I was replying like I couldn't think of it.

I'm really sorry (laughs).

But I'm really glad that I managed to meet them ^ ^ Thank you very much for coming ~.

Day 2 Lunch: Karuizawa Prince Hotel

After that, we arrived safely at Karuizawa Prince Hotel and it was lunch time.

Today's lunch was a buffet at Lounge/Bar Primrose in the hotel.

Happy to have lots of desserts.

The photographer was filming right around the dessert area, I couldn't believe he couldn't eat such delicious looking sweets... so I wanted to put one sweets in his mouth ( Of course, I think there are various problems, so I haven't actually done it, though^^).

I felt sorry that I always was the one who have a lot of delicious foods, leaving EBI staffs.

After the meal, I had time to answer a quiz on my smartphone.

The person with the most correct answers will receive a TAG Heuer watch as a prize, so I thought about all the question seriously (laughs).

Since it's an answer on a smartphone, I and everyone else search for answers, but I don't have the time to search for answers forever, and the problem is "I can't find an answer even if I search on the Internet. ” is well thought out, so in the end we had no choice but to think about various things ourselves.

The result will come later ^^

I was too relaxed at the hotel, and it was the last time I left the parking lot of Karuizawa Prince Hotel. I'm pretty sure it was the last one or two.

I knew there was no need to rush to the next point, but I was in a hurry because I was afraid I would be the last one.

Checkpoint 7: Highway Oasis Lalan Fujioka

When you arrive at the highway oasis Lalan Fujioka, the last checkpoint before the goal, get out of the car quickly, stamp it, and get back in the car and leave! That's what it feels like.

In the previous explanation, I was told that some kind of event was being held at this highway oasis, but as I was in a hurry, there was only a Porsche tent at this point (laughs).

I also wanted to rush to the final goal, the Tokyo Prince Hotel, but there were quite a few cars on the highway and it was a bit congested.

I had no choice but to go with the flow.

As soon as I entered the Metropolitan Expressway, I felt like I was about to go home unconsciously, but I finally arrived at my final destination, the Tokyo Prince Hotel.

Many people welcomed us waving Porsche flags.

All the staff welcome you with a smile. happy. Thank you

Oh, by the way, some people may have noticed, but on the passenger side of my 992, a radar was attached with curing tape. Curing tape (laughs).

This is something that was attached a little only at the time of the stamp rally this time.

Actually, the driver's seat has a Jupiter radar attached properly, but my family also uses Comtech's radar in other cars, so this time I have it for rental cars (curing tape when renting a car) I used Comtech's radar on the passenger side.

why? is what I think. For some reason my husband said, "I want to see how different Jupiter and Comtech are." What is it?

However, when I actually put both on, Jupiter reacted and Comtech didn't react, and vice versa, so it was quite interesting (although I didn't really look at it seriously (laughs)).

Depending on the place, the voices of the three women, "Jupiter speaks, Comtech speaks, and the navigation Google Maps speaks," were intertwined, and there were times when it was rude.

Oh, I'm sorry for talking about such trivial things just before the goal. When I saw the picture, I was worried about the radar attached with the curing tape ^^

Well, back to the goal of Porsche The Rally Amazing Moment 2021.

On September 11th, a wonderful memorial day, I was able to enjoy myself with the 911 and 911 owners, and the staff of the EBI Group, and returned home safely.

Being surrounded by everyone's smiles here is the best.

It makes me very happy to be greeted with smiles by people I don't know yet, and it makes me even happier when I get to meet staff members I already know.

Furthermore, not only the members of the rally management team this time, but also the staff who were operating normally this weekend at each of the EBI Group stores in Tokyo rushed to the finish line.

My sales representative was not on the rally team this time, but I was happy that he came to the finish line.

I'm glad that I was able to immediately say, "This rally was really fun!"

The Tokyo Prince parking lot was full of 911 cars that had already reached the goal.

I was guided to park next to a 911T in 1973, but I was surprised when I got out of the car and saw it.

Because this size difference! !

Somehow the 911T seems to fit inside the 992, and it looks like a size difference.

Everyone is saying that the 911 is getting bigger and bigger, and I knew that it was actually getting bigger when I saw it in numbers, but I thought that I would see it side by side in front of me. It's getting bigger.

Finally, the final event, the rally closing ceremony, begins.

We waited for all the entrants to reach the finish line while enjoying the snacks and drinks that were served before starting.

Beginning with greetings, this time rally completion certificate was handed to each entrant.

In addition to the rally completion certificate, I was able to receive a photo of each 911 and the entrant taken at Unnojuku, and a group photo taken in the hotel parking lot in the morning.

While we were running happily, they prepared these photos for each entrant and made it in time for the closing ceremony. I am very happy to receive photos that will serve as a memory.

At first, the stamp mount was full of white circles, but in the end, all the white circles were filled with stamps, and it turned out like this.

In addition to the presentation of certificates of completion, the winners of awards such as the Best Dressed Award and the Best of 911 Award, determined by votes from the entrants, were also announced.

Prize winners will also receive wonderful gifts.

Furthermore, there was an entrant who had a birthday on this day, so there was a 911 birthday cake gift with 911 decorations and a happy birthday singing time from everyone who was there ^ ^

Words of thanks from the CEO of Porsche Japan

The award of the Best of 911 Award was given by Mr. Philip, CEO of Porsche Japan, but at this time there was also a greeting from Mr. Philip.

In summary:

  • It's not the first time I've been to an event like this (tour), but I thought it was the best event I've ever been to (It was exceptional)
  • The EBI staff were especially wonderful.
  • (For Porsche customers/entrants) I don't think you will ever met such a dedicated staff.
  • I spent an Amazing Moment with my wife
  • As Porsche AG, Porsche Japan, and personally thank you

That's what it means. Anyway, I was able to convey my gratitude to everyone at EBI best.

I felt that this represented the feelings of all the entrants, and I was very happy that Mr. Philippe said those.

Yes, everyone at EBI is really wonderful ^ ^!

Quiz result announcement

There was also an announcement of the correct answer for the quiz competition where you can win the Tag Heuer Caliber E4 Porsche Special Edition, and the announcement of the person with the most correct answers.

There are 6 quizzes in all.

It seems that the correct answer rate was quite low with only quite a few difficult questions.

After all, the result was that more than 10 people answered 0 questions correctly out of 6 questions, 11 people answered 1 question correctly, and surprisingly, the maximum number of correct answers was only 2 questions (and only a few people).

It's too difficult (laughs). But I like that.

Here, I would like to introduce only 2 out of 6 questions for the time being, but one is:

Which was the most popular manufacturer option with the highest installation rate on 911s delivered by EBI in 2021:
A: Sport Chrono Package
B: Lane change assist
C: Power Steering Plus
D: Adaptive cruise control
E: Seat ventilation

something like. Do you understand?

In my and my husband's predictions, ``This is a sports chrono, but it's not.'' I think that it is easy to introduce Power Steering Plus when it is said that a woman or a wife will also be driving.

I see!

The answer was B's lane change assist. Eh, everyone, are you wearing it that much? ! This was a very surprising answer for me.

One more question:

There are 98 staff involved in the operation of this rally. How many staff members have participated in all the past three rallies?

something like. This was a numerical answer format (if there is no exact match, the closest person will be the correct answer).

I really thought about this too. Even though I knew it would be impossible to keep track of everyone, I counted them from memory.

"Well, can the chairman be counted as a staff member? No, since he drives the pace car, he should be counted as a staff member," he said seriously (laughs).

As a result of examining and considering the current total number of staff at EBI, I predicted that most of the 98 people would answer "20 to 30 people", so I thought that this was a trick question and the number was actually very small. I answered … but the correct answer was 22 people.

Ahh, I wish I hadn't read too much into it!

I got the same number of correct answers as the person with the most correct answers, so all that was left was whether or not this number was close to the correct answer.

At the end, greetings from the representative who seems to cry every time.

There have been no major accidents since many staff members overcame the difficult preparation period, various restrictions, sudden changes, sudden situations, etc. that cannot be explained in this greeting. This is the moment when the event ended successfully, so I think the staff were more impressed than the entrants.

It was a great pleasure for me to see the management staff happy and relieved that the rally ended safely.

Finally the rally is over, go home

Again, many people sent me off with a smile, and then I headed home.

I am deeply moved when I take off my bib when I get home.

It was fun, it's already over, I'm still excited and uplifted because it was fun, I feel a little lonely thinking back on the fun time that passed so quickly, and I'm relieved that I've returned home safely. Maybe because I was relieved, I finally started to feel tired.

Even so, what I thought about participating in this third rally was that this rally was probably the most relaxed I've ever been.

It may be because we have become accustomed to Porsche the Rally, but we were able to enjoy the time with the 911 with a pleasant and elegant feeling without feeling overwhelmed.

thank you very much

After returning home, I decorated the rose I received when I reached the goal again this time.

I used a Larry PET bottle instead of a vase. This is it after all ^^

It's been a year since last year's rally, which I was looking forward to, looking forward to, and was looking forward to, was unfortunately canceled due to Corona.

For us, it was just a year of waiting, but for the management, it was not just a year, but a very difficult year. If you add in the one year preparation period before that, I think I've been worrying about this rally for the past few years.

Thanks to all of the management, we were able to enjoy the highest Porsche rally again this time.

I love the EBI staff who always greet me with the best smiles no matter where or who I meet! ! !

Just being able to meet a Porsche 911 has changed my life and made it even happier.

And I think that the fact that it was the EBI Group that purchased the Porsche 911 is one of the big reasons why I came to like Porsche so much after I met the Porsche 911. .

Because of the wonderful people who support my Porsche life, I always have a comfortable and fun time playing with Porsche.

From now on, I would like everyone at EBI to tell many people about the fun of riding Porsche and the happiness of living with Porsche ^ ^

Thank you very much for this rally.

My deep thanks to all the EBI Group rally operators, Porsche Japan CEO and executives, all the entrants who had a good time together, the checkpoints, hotels, locals, etc. who stopped by during the rally, smiles from the roadside Thank you to everyone who waved to us and to all the EBI staff who rushed to the end!

Like the previous rally event, I know that EBI staffs can't think about the next rally right now, but still, I'm looking forward to the next rally! Ha ha. I LOVE you all! Thank you^^

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