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Ride the GT-R with Nissan Crossing ~

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Nissan Building at Ginza 4-chome Crossing

It's been in Ginza for the first time in a whileNISSAN CROSSINGI stopped by. last time,Go see the Italdesign GT-R50Since then.

In this way, it's nice to have an atmosphere where even women can drop in when they have time!

Nissan GT-R NISMO Design

I was aiming for the 2nd floor, so I will go up to the 2nd floor at once. Click here for the car that has been waiting for you!

Oh ~. Nissan GT-R NISMO design!

By the way, NISMO is an abbreviation of "Nissan Motorsports International" ... When you actually write it in Roman letters / English, it's Nissan Motorsports International, so how did you become NISMO from there? ?? I thought, but the acronym was taken only from "Nissan Motorsports", not the last International ... That's why it's "NIS-MO". Convinced ^^

This color is Brilliant White Pearl. The other NISMO GT-Rs available are Meteor Flake Black Pearl, Ultimate Metal Silver, and Vibrant Red, for a total of four colors.

Among them, Brilliant White Pearl, Meteor Flake Black Pearl, the paint called "Scratch Shield" set for Vibrant Tread, and how it repairs scratches over time, it seems that it will repair the scratches etc. over time, clear with soft resin mixed in the body If the painted scratch shield is scratched by car wash or scratched in daily life, it will be restored to its original state over time. amazing!

A carbon bumper on the front and a carbon rear spoiler on the rear. It is said that it will generate tremendous downforce.

The trunk lid, which is made using a new manufacturing method that enables a beautiful painted surface, is made of dry carbon, which is about half the weight of aluminum and has high strength.

Well, from this area, I don't really understand it anymore,

  • The engine is equipped with a high-efficiency, large-capacity dedicated turbocharger that is also used in the racing vehicle "NISSAN GT-R NISMO GT3".
  • Maximum output 441kW (600PS)
  • Adopts ignition timing control for each cylinder that controls the optimum ignition timing for each cylinder, and an injector drive circuit that controls the optimum fuel injection amount.
  • Also adopted is the 4WD system ATTESA E-TS that produces excellent traction.
  • Equipped with a pressurized reservoir tank that maintains the flow rate of cooling water during sports driving and improves cooling performance
  • Equipped with a lightweight titanium alloy muffler as standard equipment

That's right. I don't know what it is, but it feels like a GT-R anyway ^^ (← I don't understand at all (laughs)).

Alright. and! I got on the GT-R that I wanted to ride. I just sat down ^^! !! But I'm happy! !!

Alcantara is used on the seat, steering, and even the upper surface of the instrument panel, so this steering is certainly! !! !! The feel, size and thickness of Alcantara were really good.

I love youI felt something similar to McLaren's steering.. I like the handle of the NISMO GT-R! !!

A carbon-like combination meter with a red ring exclusively for NISMO. "Carbon-like" means that this is not carbon ^^ And the red color of this tachometer is a symbol of NISMO's high performance.

The only thing that seems to be difficult for me is that the position of the winker is opposite to Porsche ^ ^.

Not limited to Porsche, as an experience so far, I was riding a car overseas (turn signal on the left) → BMW in Japan → Porsche after that ... So I am not really used to the fact that the turn signal is on the right side.

Occasionally, when I drive the Nissan Fairlady Z, even if I know it, I definitely start the wiper once while driving (laughs). On a sunny day ... This is really embarrassing ... If you start the wiper on a sunny day with GT-R, it's not that cool ^ ^

Center console around the navigation.

Highly rigid dedicated carbon back bucket seat ↓.

Here ↓ is the back seat.

Ah ... finally. At the door of the Nissan GT-R NISMO, Nico-chan ... existed as "upside-down Nico-chan". I mean, in this case, I think it's already Nico-chan (laughs).

Nissan's new EV racing car "Nissan Leaf NISMO RC"

Next to me was Nissan's new EV racing car "NISSAN LEAF NISMO RC". Oh. Here,The car that was at the Tokyo Auto Salon the other dayIsn't it! I just met last time, but I met again ^^

Equipped with a twin motor and a four-wheel drive system.

It is said that it uses advanced battery technology and the main parts of the drive train of the world's most sold electric vehicle "Nissan Leaf".

Nissan Leaf and LEAF to 100V

Now, let's go down to the 1st floor and see the cars on display on the 1st floor again.

First of all, here. Nissan Leaf.

In addition to the 40kWh battery-equipped vehicle, a new 62kWh battery-equipped vehicle is also available.

Speaking of which, it may not be a quick note here, but it is rumored that Porsche's electric vehicle Taycan battery can be selected from two types, 80kWh and 95kWh.

And to Mr. Reef, it looks like a suitcase.LEAF to 100VThe power stored in the leaf was attached so that it could be converted for a 100V AC outlet. It is useful in the event of a disaster or when playing outdoors.

It's amazing! I was only thinking about "sending electricity to the car to charge it", but I'm also thinking about "taking out the electricity charged in the car". Great idea!

Nissan Formula E

The last is here. … That's just what I wrote at the end, and in the actual Nissan Crossing, this car was exhibited at the first entrance ^ ^

NISSAN FORMULA E: Nissan Formula E

The Nissan e.dams team made its debut in the "ABB FIA Formula E Championship", a race series of 100% electric formula cars that opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on December 15, 2018.

The theme of coloring is called "sonic boom", and it is said that it is named after the shock wave generated when a fighter plane flies at supersonic speed. Somehow cool!

However, when I hear the sonic boom, the first thing that reminds me of "It's not Street Fighter's Guile's Special Move" is the sad part of a human being whose base is an otaku ... haha (laughs).

By the way, I was a Dhalsim user. Oh, I wrote some good information again (laughs)! !! Yoga Fire ~! !! !!

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