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Compare Nissan New Fairlady Z Prototype with Z34

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The story that the newly announced Z prototype is similar to the Z34

The other day, Nissan announced a model as a prototype of the new Fairlady Z.

On the day of the announcement, it was interesting to see that the media related to automobiles in Japan and overseas and the SNS related to cars were almost filled with the yellow color of the Z prototype ^ ^

The Fairlady Z of Z34 in my house ... Moreover, since there is a yellow Z in the same way, I feel a sense of familiarity, or I was curious about the yellow Z announced this time, so I saw it.

This is Mr. Z from my home ↓

By the way, the new Nissan Fairlady Z prototype announced this time.

This is said to be a design reminiscent of the old Fairlady Z, and it is said that the design comes from the "S30 type (240Z)".

But this time, isn't this new Z prototype actually similar to the current Z34 type Z? I found an overseas media that says. that isMotor Trend..

I also wanted to compare the differences with the Z34, so it was nice to see the comparison between this new Z prototype and the Z34 with photos, so I'm glad that it's very easy to understand. I would like to see it in ^^

Then, I would like to take a look. How similar are the new Z Prototype to the current Z34? ??

Overall look

The high cowl and hood, the windshield rake, the roof that connects to the rear of the car with an almost flat slope from just above the driver, the thick stance ... all "look similar".

Door shape

When you zoom in, the shape is quite the same, although there are differences in the surface. Of course, they are not "identical", but he said.

In other words, it is said that the shape of the door itself is almost the same, but the new Z prototype is designed to tilt from the top to the bottom of the front fender, while the Z34 is almost horizontal. I wonder if that is the case.

Certainly, looking purely at the shape of the door, it looks very similar.

Side window shape

Although the doors are similar in shape, I thought, "I can't say that they are the same," but the shape of the side windows is said to be "Isn't it the same?"

let's see.

Well, it's certainly similar. When Motor Trend, who made this comparison, overlaid and verified the images of the glass on these two sides, it was said that the shapes of these glasses matched.

Given that the new Z prototype draws a lot of inspiration from the 1970 Datsun 240Z design, it seems that it's not strange to be similar to the similarly similar Z34.

Roof panel

If you look closely, the roof of both of these two Zs retains the shape of a "double bubble".

Usually, when an automaker makes a major change to an existing vehicle, the roof panel is often left in place.

For example, the 2020 model VW Passat and the previous generation Toyota Camry (* I'm sorry, I haven't compared these two, so I don't know ...).

Roof / rear hatch cut line

Furthermore, in order to support the idea that this Z prototype is actually made based on Z34, let's look at the "hard point" part that is "expensive to change", so pay attention here. The cut line of the roof / rear hatch is done.

When opening the rear hatch, the part where the rear hatch part separates from the roof (cut line = joint part that looks like a line) is still the same as Z34.

Front bumper cut line

Even if almost all the bumpers of the Z Proto are new, the mounting position (mounting point) of the new parts is not necessarily different from before, so the cut line of the front bumper of the Z Proto (Between the beginning of the headlights and the fenders) appears to start at the same position as the Z34.

Rear quarter panel cut line

It seems that the Z Proto uses the same body shell as the Z34, and another "hard point" is the cut line of the rear quarter panel.

This cut line separates the rear quarter panel from the rocker panel, so even if the quarter panel is redesigned on the Z Proto, it must fit into the same body section to match this cut line. It looks like it is. Haha.

Rear bumper cut line

As with the front cut line, it can be seen that the starting point of the rear bumper cut line also has the same mounting point (mounting position) as the Z34.

Exhaust position

The positions of the Z Proto and the Z34 exhaust are almost the same. It is said that the pipes hidden under the body may be routed in the same way.

Well, about this, in the two-out exhaust in a rear-wheel drive sports car shaped like Z, there are not many kinds of routing methods, so it seems that it is natural that it will be the same. … So, looking at this part alone, it doesn't seem to be similar to the Z34, but ^^


Next, compare the dashboard of the 2012 model Z34 with the dashboard of the Z prototype.

Looking at the top of the dashboard, there are air outlets just above the left and right door handles. The position of the gauge on the dash top is also very similar.

Of course, the central part has a square design that combines a modern touch screen, and the position of the air vent has also been changed ... but it is said that these are also actually applied to the internal components of the Z34.

Gauge on the dash top

The gauges installed on the dashboard also have changes such as the orange backlight of Z34 and the clock with digital display disappeared, and it became a clock with analog display on a white face on a black background. , The place where the gauge is installed and the shape of the instrument hood are very similar, aren't they? When.

Dash top seen from a different direction

Looking at the dashboard layout (including the gauges of the three dash tops) from the outside of the windshield, it is said that they are similar, and that the door mirrors are also very similar.

Air conditioner control

Whereas many cars these days are equipped with a touch-controlled air conditioner adjustment function, the Z Proto is a traditional dial-type air conditioner operation.

Of course, this dial-type air conditioner and radio control are not bad, so it doesn't matter at all, but what I want to pay attention to here is that these dials are still in the same position as the Z34, yeah, if you look closely Maybe it's the same, right? The story.

center console

At first glance, the center console top of the new Z Proto looks completely different ... but when you look closely, the position of the cup holder, around the shift lever, and the armrest storage are almost the same. Unchanged.

* The angles in the photos are slightly different, so even if they look different, if you imagine looking at the two at the same angle, the positions will certainly not change much.

Design changes have also been incorporated, with new stitched vinyl kneepads on the sides of the console and fewer buttons on the console itself.

Door handle and air vent

The current Z34 air vent setup is very unique, with air passing through the door jam from inside the dashboard and sending conditioned air to the door itself.

And the air is flowing from the outlet at the door handle and the round vent at the top, and the Z prototype is made in the same way (as a structure with a slight difference in design). It seems that it has become.

Door handle

The door handle seen from the outside is also very simple for the Z prototype, but its position and function are very similar.

Door panel on the driver's side

It is said that if you look at the entire door panel on the driver's side of both cars, you will notice the similarities. For example, although the upper part of the door panel has been changed, the mounting positions of the armrests, door handles, and air vents have not changed. Same control for windows and door locks.

Door panel on the passenger seat side

After all, the door panel on the passenger seat side also has a small control panel with only power window switches like the Z34.

Although the upper part of the door panel has been changed as well, the cup holder and speaker of the door at the lower part look the same as the Z34.

Design comparison between the new Z prototype and the S30

… And the new Fairlady Z will actually take over from Z34 in various ways, right? However, the Z prototype announced this time is a "fusion of tradition and the latest technology", and it is said that it inherits many designs from the original S30 type.

I thought it was this image that conveyed the design of the S30 type and Z prototype in an easy-to-understand manner. The source isJALOPNIK..

1: Large rectangular grill
2: Somehow Gothic arched hood shape
3: Curve in front of the headlight
4: Side window shape
5: Round badge around the C-pillar triangle
6: Roofline that continues to the rear without interruption
7: Rear fender arch shape

The new Z will not be sold in Europe

alsoAutonewsAccording to the report, Nissan will not sell the new Z that will be made based on this new Z prototype in Europe due to the sales situation in Europe and the problem of compliance with environmental regulations in Europe.

Since it is a story at the moment, I do not know what will happen by the time the new Fairlady Z actually comes out, but at least at the moment it is said that it will not be sold in Europe.

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