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I met the new Fairlady Z ~

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To Nissan Crossing in Ginza

It was a while ago, but I had something to do in Ginza, so I just wandered around again.Nissan CrossingI stopped by.

There was a car I wanted to meet this time. That is ... this yellow car.

New Fairlady Z!! !!

This is my first meeting with a real car.

I was able to meet unexpectedly easily, and since it was a time when no one was in the hall, I was very grateful that I was able to see the Fairlady Z completely in a monopoly state.

Happiness ^^

This new Fairlady ZIt was said to be very similar to the current Z34So, how long do you think "Oh, it's similar!" When you actually see the actual car in front of you? I thought and tried it.

My first impression is ...

When I saw the article comparing the details of this new Fairlady Z and Z34, I was wondering, "Well, I wonder if these two are similar."

However, when I actually looked at the actual car in front of me, this new Fairlady Z looked like a completely different car to me than the Z34. * This time, we are only talking about the appearance design.

There is also a yellow Z34 in my house, so it was compared under similar conditions of the same yellow body, but even so, I wonder if it could only be thought of as "this is a new car called the new Fairlady Z".

This is my home Z34 ↓

Of course, the yellow color of Z34 is more like bright yellow, so the image is quite different by that alone ^ ^

Certainly it may be the same / similar when comparing the details.

Here is a detailed comparison between the new model and the Z34.Compare Nissan New Fairlady Z Prototype with Z34

But after all ... The new Fairlady Z has this face! !!

If you look at this, it looks like a crap.

This eye (headlight) and how it cuts around it is a very modern image.

And this characteristic expression.

The impression when the 992 was first announced seemed to be open, but this Fairlady Z may have a strong image of opening even more ( Lol).

I think it looks a lot like some anime character, but I don't know what it is.

But that kind of image was like a modern anime character for me ^^

It's an unforgettable expression once I see it, and I don't know if it's correct, but I think the gap between the contents is Fairlady Z is good.

It was a very memorable "character" design just by looking at it once. I think it's cute.

I wonder if it will show a cool run while having this cuteness and an indescribable expression, and I think this is another fun one.

This time, I was happy to see the actual car of the new Fairlady Z, which is the same yellow as the current Fairlady Z, Z34.

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